Terrazas in Pinar del Rio, Cuba, is a picturesque rural community located in the mountains, known for its stunning landscapes and commitment to sustainability and environmental conservation.

Exploring Terrazas in Cuba

Las Terrazas in Cuba, is a rural tourist community, located on the shores of Lake San Juan, within the Sierra del Rosario, in the province of Artemisa.

The town of Comunidad Las Terrazas in Cuba, is an area of sustainable development, dedicated to the development of tourism.


Las Terrazas Community: it is a constituency not included within the Popular Council Mountain, this is because it is very distant from it. It is subordinated to the Municipal Assembly although the Popular Council carries out actions on it.

Main Sights

There are varieties of tourist places within which we can mention:

  • The Café de María with a family space conducive to meeting with the Cuban family while sipping a delicious cup of coffee among so many varieties on offer, you can appreciate from your balcony a beautiful view of the community.
  • La Fonda de Mercedes here you can enjoy the typical Cuban regional cuisine to what we call Creole food with an extraordinary view of the community.
  • The Casa del Lago located on the shores of Lake San Juan is another corner of this community in which you will have the opportunity to go for a ride in boats, kayaks or water bikes as well as a variety of gastronomic offerings.

Eat Creole food in Terrazas Cuba

  • Buenavista place that bears his name for being in a coffee plantation that bears that name, being this a historical relic.
  • The peasant’s house is another place where you can find Creole food, although it also allows the rescue and revival of peasant traditions, habits and customs.
  • El Taburete, a popular campsite where a group of recreational and sports activities are offered with gastronomic services for everyone’s enjoyment. This place has corners where beauty and charm abound, all at the service of both its population and its visitors.

La Casa de Cantautor Polo Montañez

This institution was created to preserve and disseminate the musical work of the late local singer-songwriter, Polo Montañez, where attributes of the extraordinary creator are exhibited, against a backdrop of traditional Cuban music, and especially, his own creations.