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5 reasons to buy properties in Cuba

Are you looking to buy properties in cuba but hadn’t made a firm mind about the decision? And now you are searching for some reason to buy land in Cuba. Don’t look further, you have come to the right place as I will explain to you reasons to invest in Cuba.

Cuba, a country of the West Indies, the largest single island of the archipelago, and one of the more-influential countries of the Caribbean region.   Spanish is the principal language of Cuba.  

Even though there aren’t any neighborhood dialects, the island’s diverse ethnic groups have affected speech patterns.   The total amount of adherents into Santería–Cuba’s main religious movement–is unknown but might include between one-half and seven-tenths of the populace.

Cultural associations earlier 1959 were normally restricted to Havana (and, to a lesser extent, the provincial capitals) and were nearly entirely independently endowed. Cuban music has Spanish and African origins, a mix that has led to a unique sound in both conventional and popular music.

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1. Culture

Cuban culture has undergone a significant transformation since the revolution, and the government has come to play a leading role in it.  Since the creation of the Ministry of Culture in 1976, this function has expanded to include a network of amateur and professional cultural organizations throughout the nation.

 Cuban music is known around the world for its exciting and lively pulsating rhythms driving many to their feet.  It encompasses a great deal of percussion — which is a direct reference to the country’s African heritage — and several types of string instruments such as the guitar.  

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Cuban music has also been the foundation for other genres including salsa, jazz, and tango. Cuban art displays a clear mix between European and African styles, evolving through many stages from Vanguardian to more modernist and contemporary pallets.

2. Excellent geographical location

Covering a land area of 109,884 sq. kilometers, Cuba is the largest state by land area in the Caribbean.  Having a place of 105,006 sq. kilometers, the most important island of Cuba is the 16th largest island in the world by land region.  Many archipelagos (which contain pre-assembled reds of the island along with cay’s) ring it is shore south and north.  Isla de la Juventud (“Isle of Youth”) is the 2nd biggest Cuban island as well as the 7th biggest island in the West Indies.

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As detected on the actual map of Cuba, Cuba’s property is comparatively flat, flowing slowly into mountains, such as a few mountains of limestone revealed to the best.  Cuba’s coastal regions would be the most mountainous.  From the Sierra de Los Organos of this far-northwest, the scene is littered with some lesser hills. 

From the southwest, the Sierra Maestra is a mountain range that rises sharply from the shore.  Found there and marked with a yellow horn, Pico Turquino in 6,650feet (1,999m), is the maximum stage in Cuba.  Other mountain ranges of notice would be the Sierra Cristal (southeast)and also the Escambray Mountains (central) and the Sierra del Rosario from the shore.

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3. Hight level of education and qualification of the workforce

In Cuba, education is free, from grade school through doctoral applications, provided that the student is academically competent, and support tools are readily available for students who want them. Imagine going into school knowing that, upon successful completion, your project expects. That’s the version of Cuba’s socialist high education-workforce development partnership. 

Students rank their occupation pursuits, as well as the state welcomes school majors based on student preference, student aptitude, and workforce need.

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So, after reading this a question came to your mind that how education and workforce system will be going to help you in buying properties in Cuba? Then my friend, let me tell you that an educated workforce played an important role in building society as you buy property in Cuba the first thing you need is a quality workforce that will help you to build the place of your dream.

Upon graduating the young Cubans have the energy and knowledge to implement your ideas to build a place that will change your fortune for the rest of your life.

Due to coyuntural situation, buy properties in cuba is the best investment you can do on the island at this moment.

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4. Reasonable Price For A Property

In Cuba there is a law that promotes the property rights of the Cubans, that one Cuban can hold the ownership of one house. This law was enforced after the revolution caused by Fidel Castro and Che Guerrero. This law mainly protects the right of a poor Cuban to enjoy the ownership of the property once in his/her life. 

This law will help you in buying a property in Cuba as with this setup the prices of property are very much reasonable and gives a chance to every other Cuban or a foreigner who will be a Cuban in the future about the ownership of a house in Cuba. 

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As we live in a capitalist world, where rich people can hold the ownership of as many properties as they want but for Cuba who had revolutionist in history that formulates such ideas that promote the rights of every single person in the society. 

5. Friendly Cubans

The nature of a particular country where you are planning to invest matters a lot. The Cuban are very friendly and as they’ll talk to just about anyone, and appear to devote most these days in the business of others.  Walking down the street in Cuba, you’ll see people sitting outside their houses speaking to neighbors.


On promenades like that the Prado in Havana, you’ll witness couples kissing, kids kicking soccer balls, and old men playing baseball.  The folks are closely intertwined with one another, which is particularly refreshing for outsiders who come from countries where technology has mostly replaced social communication.  In actuality, the dearth of technologies in Cuba — cell phones, TVs, and computers — has created interacting more of a requirement.  It’s how folks get their news and entertainment.  

Food in Daily Life

A regular daily diet in Cuba is quite easy.  Rice and beans are a staple, supplemented by fried plantains, tubers, and vegetables.  Cucumbers are a cheap and abundant vegetable match.  While beef once was consumed by all sections of the populace, poultry and pork have overtaken it as a cheaper choice.  Pork is made to a low-quality ham called Jamon vikin. This type of culture will help you to make up your mind about buying properties in Cuba.

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Cuban laws are reforming and as a great tourist attraction, I think it is best to invest in Cuba. Property price is reasonable plus the geographical location and a tourist attraction made it necessary to make up your mind. 

The people, culture, and workforce play a pivotal role in attracting investors to capitalize on the opportunity to buy properties in Cuba. 

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