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‘Casa de Cultura’, a divulgative space for the Cuban culture

Nov 13, 2020
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‘Casa de Cultura’

Casa de Cultura

In Cuba there is a remarkable defense of its culture and values that define it as a nation. For many reasons, Cuba is a unique nation and the Casas de Cultura are one of these motives.

These community cultural centers are designed to maintain activities that promote culture among its inhabitants. Do you want to learn and discover more about the rich culture of the island? If so, rent a villa in Cuba and visit your closest Casa de Cultura.

From the middle of the XX Century with the emergence of the working class, the Casas de Cultura played a very important role in the democratization and updating of cultural values and as a center of confrontation of ideas. cuban culture

These institutions are open and accessible to the public, which function is generating in a permanent way cultural development processes agreed between the community and state entities. They are intended to the preservation, transmission and promotion of the artistic and cultural samples of the community. It is the place destined for a community to develop activities that promote the culture among its inhabitants.

Casa de Cultura

La Casa de Cultura has a physical plant that provides facilities for the teaching and practice of different cultural expressions, as well as dissemination, training, research, organization and support to artistic creation, giving workshops in the different Artistic areas such as dance, theatre, oral narration, music, plastic arts or literature among others. These activities are leaded to children, youth, adults and older adults. cuban culture

In reference to the essential work of the houses of culture, it is pointed out that although they contribute to developing talents that can later grow the ranks of students of the national system of artistic education, these institutions have as main task the integral improvement of the human being And the quality of life of each community. cuban culture

Alongside the traditional artistic manifestations, these houses attend literary workshops, the maintenance of local cultural traditions and the audiovisual program, which includes cinematographic appreciation.

Visiting one of the Casas de Cultura means learning from a unique cuban culture, so rent a villa in Cuba and don’t miss the chance!

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