Casas Particulares in Havana Cuba

Casas Particulares in Havana Cuba

If your dream is to stay in one of our Casas Particulares in Havana Cuba, we have a wide selection: villas with pool, colonial houses, penthouses and wonderful apartments.

We take care that the property that is offered has all the requirements to meet the needs of our customers.

Our goal is that our clients have a unique experience and meet cuban people and its culture. 

Meet the best casas particulares in Cuba

With its singular urban landscape that gathers more than five hundred years of history, its peculiar way of understanding insularity and considering its multicultural aspect which appears to have stopped in time, Cuba is as a whole, a wonderful destiny to visit and share with the family.

Besides of its beautiful places ideals for rest and relaxation, the island also shelters many of the most representative samples of colonial, republican, Latin American and Caribbean architecture. It is noticeable how the Cuban culture has been enriched an influenced by the European, American, Asian, and African ways.

As a matter of fact, casas particulares in cuba result very attractive for many visitors, in as much as it allows them to interact directly with Cuban people and receive a much more personalized service. Although a long list could be enumerated, these are five reasons why Cuba is a suitable place to travel.

Architecture and Urbanism

Unlike other regions of the world, where the constructive fever and the run for heights became the fashionable tendency, for Cuba it was totally different. The most important and populated cities, including the capital, Havana, maintained intact many of their representative buildings.

They show different styles, coming from the middle age up to the present time. Such as mudejar, neoclassical, art deco, rationalism, and modern architecture. The urban layout has characteristics from the colonial system, which begins with the port as the starting point, then followed by the central plazas surrounded by main points of commerce and finally the squared system that is commonly used all around the world.

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The music

Cuban music is well known worldwide for the richness of its style and the mixture between genres. Genres from African, European and New York cultures which had great impact on Cuban music. Then as the final product, there is a rhythmic mixture that traps the listener and invites the enjoyment of the senses.

Vintage culture and classic car collections. An outlook over the past century is an increasing and fashionable way of thinking nowadays. Therefore it results extremely attractive for visitors coming to Cuba, the way in which XX century cars are kept and preserved, and how they can also have access to different kind of collective objects. Such as republican publications, political campaign posters with almost one hundred year of antiquity. The country is, so as to say, a perfect setting for collectors. Aware of this, those working on the touristic area, make sure to give the visitors a wide range of these products as well as a warm service.

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Human capital

It is becoming very frequent that thousands of tourists show their preference for the Cuban home rental, as it gives them the opportunity to be in touched directly with the Cuban people and get to know better their culture, customs and way of thinking and understand life.

Moreover, the guests can receive a personalized service, arrange their own excursions and also get to know and taste Cuban food, not prepared by a professional but coming from the hands of skilled people with a culinary tradition inherited from their past generations.

Enjoy our exclusive Casas Particulares in Havana Cuba

Casas Particulares for rent in Havana Cuba

We arrange private luxury casas particulares in Cuba of high standard and other associated luxury services.

Another kind of accommodation that has nothing to do with a hotel.

Staying in a casa particular in Cuba is one of the most incredible experiences that a tourist can enjoy during his trip to Cuba. It allows clients the possibility of knowing more about the culture and customs of Cubans.

It is important to remember the clear and very beneficial impact on the family economy that directly causes lodging in these private homes.

Taste the original flavor of the island lodging in a unique casa particular in Cuba

In any case, in Havana they are a little more expensive than in the interior.

The owners are usually very attentive with the guests do not get tired of offering additional services: take you in your car to the bus station, lunch for the day of excursion, etc.

These services are not included in the rate and expect a tip for them, when they do not have a specific rate.

It is better to clarify it well to avoid surprises. The “authorized” houses have a distinctive blue and white door access to the house.

When checking in, we must provide our passport to the owner of the house and indicate the number of nights that will remain in it.

Prices and conditions of casas particulares in Havana Cuba

The price of renting casas particulares in Havana Cuba varies depending on the area where they are located and their conditions. But despite this, taking into account that each owner has his own criteria, we must bear in mind that taxes vary according to the area and province of the island of Cuba.

The custom of private homes in Cuba is to set a price per room and day, but when it comes to long stays you can negotiate an agreement with the owner. The price of the rent per day is high since it is making much demand that offer so the owners are not interested in renting for a long time.

From LujoCuba we are aware of the social and economic impact that each visit of a traveler to a private casa particular represents.

Thousands of cuban families benefit directly or indirectly by considerably improving their standard of living.

Our goal is to achieve cultural tourism, responsible and respectful of nature.

Luxury homes for sale in Havana

About the purchase and sale of casas particulares in Havana Cuba, until before 2011, it was not authorized and only the swap between properties of a very similar value was permissible.

It is an unripe market that offers many possibilities, from LujoCuba we have experts in the real estate sector in Cuba constantly looking for the best offers for the satisfaction of our customers. They will take care of all the economic and legal issues you need when making a property on the island.

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