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Havana Center


centro habana cuba

The neighborhood is located within the same capital between what is the neighborhood of the vedado and what is known as the old Havana, is closely linked to what is the foundation of all that we know today as San Cristobal de la Habana being therefore a part of importance in the history of the island.

For having a position of much privilege for the eternal pretensions it was victim of several attacks of pirate corsairs with what is demonstrated the interest that I motivate the European world, but as always the Cubans managed to go out well liberated.

With the arrival of the Cuban revolution, there is a significant increase in the migration from the interior of the island, which forces to structure the necessary conditions that have to be possessed to face the massive arrival of people.

This gave way to the great urban transformation due to the significant increase of the population in the area until it became what we know today as Centro Habana or Havana Center, as you prefer to call it.

Inside Havana Center

In its entrails it keeps a world of history so to speak, besides that its buildings are magical even with how deteriorated they are and precisely those details are what makes them so interesting.

This gives an atmosphere of an ancient novel, but there is also much to say about this emblematic place outside its ancient structure, you can find many sites of great importance and interest to all who have the privilege of visiting them.

centro habana cuba

Main Sights

Its bustling streets hold interesting sites such as Cuba’s national capital, the famous national museum of fine arts, or the great tobacco factory called partagas, as well as the museum of the Cuban revolution.

Likewise, you can visit its many parks, all with abundant nature where being in one moment makes you forget even the last drop of stress you can carry at that precise moment so it is a recommended activity for all tourists.

There are also places that you have to visit and get to know such as Paseo Marti, the so-called Indian Fountain, as well as the Aldama Palace, which are places of great tourist interest and are always being visited by a large number of people.

The park of the fraternity is a very peculiar as it is very much presence of busts of American leaders as a sign of respect and admiration for each of them so you spend a moment certainly very entertaining in this particular park.

As you can see, there is a lot to know and also a lot to visit in downtown Havana, so you can’t wait to go and take advantage of your visit to the island so that you too can be amazed by all the beauty of this area.

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