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Exploring Holguin Cuba

Named the park city due to its many grassy squares, Holguin in Cuba is a colonial city with a custom layout, located between two mountains, Cerro de Mayabe and Loma de La Cruz.

Under the governance of Calixto Garcia, the popular general who freed the city from the Spanish in 1872, Holguin in Cuba population took an active part in the colonial wars. The home in which he was born is now a museum; the note-named square marks the heart of the town and is protected by a heroic general sculpture.

Calle Maceo and Manduley–twin perpendicular roads with shops restaurants, clubs and bars, like Casa de la Trova–connect three squares: Parque San Jose, Parque Calixto Garcia and Parque Peralta. Parque García is the site of the city’s main monuments and museums, like Casa Natal de Calixto García, still crowded of visitors.

Main Sights in Holguin Cuba

Plaza de Ia Revolución

Located east of the town centre, behind the Pernik Hotel, this square features a memorial to Cuban independence heroes, Calixto Garcia’s mausoleum and a small memorial to his wife. The plaza is the largest festival venue.

Catedral de San Isidoro

Ordained as a cathedral in 1979, it was built in 1720 on the place of first mass held to honor the foundation of the town: the Peralta Park. It is also known as the Parque de Flores, as there used to be a flower market here.

The church features a replica of the famous Madonna of Caridad whose authentic is in the Basilica del Cobre near Santiago de Cuba. A festival in honor of the Virgin takes place on 4 April.

Museo Provincial de Holguin Cuba: La Periquera

This big neo-classical structure with a garden overlooks the fascinating Garcia center of Parque Calixto. It was made of birds in 1860 and the Spanish merchant Francisco Roldán y Rodríguez’s personal house. The house was taken by the Spanish military at the start of the Ten Years ‘ War in 1868 and transformed into quarters.

Also the name of the building, La Periquera, translating as “parrot cage,” a reference to the Spanish army’s colorful uniforms.

The construction nowadays is home to the Holguin Provincial Museum, where five rooms illustrate the historical city’s main phases. Archeological artifacts of the Taino Indians, who stayed here between the 8th and 15th centuries, are also on display.

The Hacha de Holguin Cuba, a stone axis head carved as a human figure, is the most famous item in the compilation. It was found in Holguin’s mountains and has become the town’s emblem.

Loma de Ia Cruz

From the peak of the Loma de Ia Cruz (Cross Hill) there are beautiful, much-reaching views. Holguin’s founding engineers used location to plan the city’s design, but it was only much later (through 1927-50) that the 458-step staircase was constructed right to the top. Pope Francis graced the town from here during his 2015 visit.


The Mirador de Mayabe on the Cerro de Maya be, 10 km (6 miles) southeast of the town center, is also a very detached viewing point across the city.

A perspective of the hills with Holguin in the distance from the mirador. This place is also the house of an aldea campesina (country settlement), with modest rooms and a restaurant, and an open-air museum that depicts the lives of villagers living in a small town. Reconstructions also provide examples of a real bohio, a traditional rural house with a palm-leaf ceiling, a hen-house, and a patio with water buckets.

Museo de Historia Natural Carlos de La Torre

Holguin’s Cuba history museum is placed in a brightly painted building with a beautiful portico and Spanish flooring. An fascinating middle set of birds and fossils, including Baracoa Polymita crayfish, and a 50 million-year-old fossil fish discovered in Sierra Maestra are on show.

Bazar de Artesanía

2 blocks north of Parque Calixto Garcia is Bazar de Artesania, a cozy indoor marketplace that sells a variety of homemade products, crafted wooden ornamentation and jewelry for seeds and resins. 

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