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Sep 29, 2016

Cuban cuisine is a mix of African, Caribbean & Spanish cuisines. Some Cuban recipes share spices and techniques with Spanish and African cooking, with some Caribbean influence in spice and flavor.

cuban cuisine

The sum of all these influences makes it an unique and flavorful mix of the different Cuban cultural roots. Cuban cuisine is quite similar to Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico’s. There’s also a little Chinese influence specially in the Havana area. During colonial times, Cuba was a crossing point for international trade, so that’s why Cuban cuisine is influenced by meals from all over the world.

There are several typical meals in the Cuban cuisine such as “Moros y Cristianos”, “Medianoche”, “Ropa Vieja”, “Mojo-marinated pork”, “Fricasé de pollo”, “Fish with escabeche” or “Elena Ruz”

Moros y Cristianos

A typical Cuban cuisine meal consists of rice and beans, cooked together or apart. When rice and beans are cooked together the recipe is called “Congri” but if it’s cooked separately Cubans call it Arroz con Frijoles (rice with beans).

cuban cuisine

Medianoche or Cuban Sandwich

The Medianoche” is a huge sandwich composed by ham, Swiss cheese, egg, tons of roast pork and pickles, with the typical cuban slice of bread. It’s similar to the spanish Sandwich Mixto” 


Ropa Vieja

“Old Clothes”, composed by shredded beef and vegetables such as olives, red & green pepper plus a soft tomato sauce and rice. It’s another spanish influenced meal (Andalucia and Canary Islands)


“Fricasé De Pollo”

This delicious meal has got many different recipes but almost every one has got chicken, rice, onion, pepper, garlic and spices such as oregano and also, tomato or mushrooms sauce. Just delicious!

cuban cuisine

Fish With Escabeche

This one is a simple but tasty recipe which has: sawfish seasoned with garlic, sliced yellow onion, carrots, bell pepper, and some bay leaf.


So now that you have finished eating is time to have a drink, and the most typical drink of Cuban cuisine is the Cuba-libre which is a cocktail with rum, cola and a slice of lemon… ¡So fresh!


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