Luxury Chalet Sales in Megéve for a Wonderful Ski Vacation

Aug 08, 2021
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luxury chalet sales megeve

Megève is a resort village in the French Alps. It is situated in the Haute Savoie region of the French Alps. The village is close to Mont Blanc- the highest peak in Western Europe. It has a population of more than 3,000 people. Megéve is popular for being one of the most beautiful and fanciest ski resorts in the world, especially due to its proximity to Mont Blanc. It has grown over the years to become an ideal destination for lovers of family holidays and adventures.

A Little History of Megéve

Megéve’s history has been marked by bitter and sweet events and has contributed to its development into the beautiful adventure site it is today. Its story as a resort began after the First World War when a mountain enthusiast named Baroness Noémie de Rothschild became disenchanted with St. Moritz- a Swiss resort she frequented. Her reason being due to the presence of the Germans, whom she considered enemies.

Seduced by the beautiful mountainous range of Megéve, she built the Palace Des Neige together with her husband, Maurice de Rothschild in 1921. Megéve quickly became a popular resort site for the French aristocracy after Albert the First of Belgium had an enjoyable stay there.

It has since grown to become a vacation spot for holiday lovers and a favorite of ski enthusiasts. So, if you own a chalet in Megéve that you don’t visit, you might want to consider selling it to someone who wants to make it a prime vacation spot. If you don’t have a chalet and you’re thinking of buying one, learning about luxury chalet sales in Megéve will help you too. 

Luxury Chalet Sales In Megéve

Coupled with being an awesome resort center, Megéve also houses some of the world’s most beautiful and luxurious chalets that are often up for rent and sale. The chalets are beautifully situated all around the resort. The luxury chalets for sale vary in size and are well fitted with modern facilities for the comfort of the occupants. There are chalets located in the center of Megéve, as well as in other parts of the resort such as Mont d’Arbois, Rochebrune, Jaillet, Demi-Quarter, Princesse, and Ormaret.

Many of the luxury chalets for sale in Megéve are close to Mont Blanc. A good vantage point from where the glorious and beautiful sight of the Mont Blanc peak can be beheld. A realtor can guide you through your options. 

Planning a Ski Vacation in Megéve?

Megéve is one of the world’s most famous ski resorts with enticing snow-covered mountains spanning over hectares. In Megéve there’s a place for every skier and guide to assist the ski lovers. Apart from it being a luxury ski holiday center Megéve is also known for its high luxury chalet, spas, and boutiques. 

Real Estate Agency In Megéve

One of the most reliable realtors in Megéve is the Fée Pour Vous Luxury Property Rentals and Sales. This is a real estate agency that cuts across France, Italy, and Switzerland. Being responsible for a wide range of luxurious and beautiful properties sales across the French Alps, they promise awesome properties at affordable prices. They might help you make your next ski vacation worthwhile.

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