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Maria La Gorda

maria la gorda cuba

Exploring María La Gorda in Cuba

Maria la Gorda in Cuba, it is an international diving center, located on the Guanahacabibes Peninsula, which is part of a Biosphere Reserve, is located in the south of Pinar del Río. The site has a beach, a complex of cabins with restaurant, bar and shops. It is run by Marinas Puertosol. Sport fishing, nautical sports and ecological tourism are also practiced. It is visited by tourists and scientists from all over the world.

It has 60 diving points of great beauty, for the quality of the Coral Reefs; the furthest is located 20 minutes from the pier. The waters are calm and with great visibility, and one dives between 15 and 35 meters deep, next to where the continental slope begins, an abrupt wall of 2000 meters where practically all the typical marine fauna of the Caribbean Sea is concentrated.

History of María La Gorda

There are two versions of the character called “Maria la Gorda”, which gives name to the international center of Diving, which are: it is said that she was an indigenous Venezuelan brought by force and raped by the entire crew of a Pirate Galleon; the second version says that she was the daughter of a Spanish captain who was shipwrecked during a Hurricane in the area.

According to found data they refer that Maria was a woman of great breasts, catalogued as a filibuster and food trafficker, as well as of women, which offered to the pirate ships that passed by the zone, to take shelter of the bad weather or with the objective of ambush to Spanish convoys in transit by the place; it is for that reason that more than one hundred galleons exist sunk in those marine funds, according to consta in important documents of the Archive of Seville, in Spain.

In the territory there are also traces of the passage of famous pirates such as the Dutch, Pata de Palo and Prejuicios, which had known fights for the distribution of spoils.

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María la Gorda beach

It is one of the most emblematic places on the island, and is attractive to tourists. The story told in this area is interesting. A legend tells that Maria the fat one was kidnapped, then she was liberated in this place of the island of Cuba. In honor to this woman the name was attributed to the place.

In this is a beautiful and exotic natural reserve, which has different species endemic to Cuba. The fauna and flora of the place captivate all visitors to the area. The view from the top of the place is completely beautiful. Since the vegetation is combined with the sea, showing an exquisite canvas.

Information about María La Gorda

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