Cienfuegos City

Mar 15, 2018
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A walk around the city of Cienfuegos

Known as the Pearl of the South, the city of Cienfuegos is characterized by the characteristics of its bay and the importance of its port for the economic development of the country. private villas cuba

The city is open to the Caribbean Sea by a narrow waterway that provides very safe access to the boats. In July 2005, the historic urban center of the city of Cienfuegos was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Unlike most of the colonial villas existing in Cuba during the 16th century, the city of Cienfuegos was officially founded by the French settlers in 1819, under the command of Don Luis de Cloudet.

The village is practically not populated by slave labor from Africa, so the vast majority of the current Cienfuegos population is a descendant of Spaniards and Frenchmen.

Those who are staying in the city of Cienfuegos, either in a hotel or in private villas Cuba, are moved by the hospitality of their inhabitants, who are usually somewhat more serene than the citizens of other regions of the island, such as Santiago de Cuba.

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Although the architecture of the city is eclectic, as prevails in the rest of the country, there is a notable influence of the neoclassical style, especially in terms of the decorative elements of the buildings.

The urban system is one of the best implemented in the island. The streets have a symmetrical layout, in the form of grids and the avenues are wide and straight as in few parts of the country. The promenades, parks and representative buildings, whether old or modern, respond coherently to the architectural ensemble of the city itself.

Among its main tourist attractions is The Cemetery of the Queen, an imposing necropolis of neoclassical style that conserves its niches for burials, being the only structure in Cuba with these characteristics. Inside, the famous Sleeping Beauty statue is located, which has a similar sculpture in Genoa, Italy.

The fortress of Our Lady of Los Angeles, strategically located at the entrance of the Jagua Bay, is also widely visited, receiving ships and boats arriving at the port of Cienfuegos.

In the center of the city is located the José Martí park, next to which are located the most important architectural structures of the area of the historical center, such as the House of the founder, the town hall, the cathedral and the famous Terry Theatre, One of the best conceived and preserved Cuban buildings on the island, whose construction dates back to the nineteenth century. Discover our private villas Cuba and have a dream stay.

Those who visit the city are dazzled by the Palace of the valley, a building that is considered the most eclectic in Cuba and also enjoy the botanical garden of Cienfuegos, founded by Atkins and declared National Monument in the year 1989.

It is the most complete and the best conceived of the country.

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The genius of Cuban music, Benny Moré was born in this province and loved her so much. He even dedicated several of his songs.

The traditional Cuban music is another of the great attractions of the city, that pays homage to the barbarian of the rhythm with a bronze statue in the promenade of the Prado, where hundreds of tourists and visitors take photos every year.

The private villas Cuba are usually very cozy, but in the case of Cienfuegos, they also have a visual and scenic harmony that is very attractive for visitors from all over the world.

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