Discover the unique beauty of Camagüey: A charming treasure in the heart of Cuba.

Exploring the city of Camagüey

Camaguey is a province located in the central part of Cuba, whose capital contains one of the oldest historical centers in the country. The town was founded in 1514 and named after the 2008 UNESCO World Heritage Site by the name of Santa Maria del Port of the Prince and known simply as Port-au-Prince.

The current name of the city is due to a rescue of the native word used by the first settlers of the area to call the region. In their land the most beautiful rivers of Cuba are located and the crystalline waters of its beaches have been one of the main attractions for visitors from all over the world that stay in the central part of the Cuban archipelago.

Houses for rent in Cuba have historically been characterized by having a very particular atmosphere, because they tend to preserve the cultural essence of the Cubans.

Like almost all the territories in the country where international tourism is proliferating, the buildings preserve a patrimonial value that more than the country’s history, they tell the history of the family that lives in it. In the particular case of Camaguey, its inhabitants are known worldwide for their hospitality and the good treatment that they offer to the visitors.

Camagueyan Culture

The Camaguey culture is widely recognized worldwide, in fact, in this territory was written the first literary work in Castilian language that is preserved in America. It is the third most important city in the country and the largest historical center on the island, which includes the history of the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries, thus offering an impossible to imitate urban landscape. The entire colonial area of Camagüey is characterized by its narrow alleys and cobblestones, as well as Trinidad and Old Havana.

Like all the cities that had a high level of development during the stage of the conquest, the town has many squares and church, which were destined to the commerce and the Catechization, respectively.

The urban layout, however, is the most asymmetric of the island, since in this territory a settlement colony was developed due to the fertility of its lands, suitable for agriculture and livestock, although it is said that the urban layout was designed to Way of Labyrinth in order to protect the city.

Mains Sights in Camaguey

The extensive historic center of Camaguey offers visitors numerous buildings with a great architectural and patrimonial value, such as the Plaza de San Juan de Dios, the Metropolitan Cathedral, the Church of Carmen, the Christ of Good travel, among others.

Rent a private house in Cuba, especially in Camaguey, is an interesting option for visitors who like to know the traditions and culture of the country and its inhabitants, since the Camagueyans are very traditional and have a very peculiar way of understand your local history.

For example, due to the climatic conditions of the area, the province suffers from droughts at certain times of the year. To store water are used since the colonial times some huge containers of mud that the locals call Tinajones.

They keep the water fresh and it is said that the drinker of this liquid returns to the city or remains to live in it forever.