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Palacio Presidencial Cuba Habana


Located in one of the most visited and popular areas of the Cuban capital, the Presidential Palace, today the Museum of the Revolution, is one of the places of greatest tourist interest for those who decide to choose for one of our Cuba house rental.

Brief history of the property

In the year 1909 the governor of the city of Havana, Ernesto Aubert, began the construction of a great building with the objective of turning it into the seat of the provincial government. Rodolfo Maruri and Paul Belau were the architects who assumed the project and the construction of the work was entrusted to the General Contracting Company.

The execution of the project lasted just over 10 years and the President of the Republic of Cuba, Mario García Menocal, ended up electing him to be the seat of the executive committee, thanks to a suggestion from his wife and First Lady, Mariana Seva, in 1917.

The building responds to the canon of representation of eclecticism and the budget for its construction exceeded one and a half million pesos. The interior decoration was entrusted to Tiffany Studios and all the floors and stairs were covered with Carrara marble. The central dome was covered externally with glazed ceramics and at that time it was one of the highest in the city.

The pictorial decoration included the work of an important number of Cuban artists such as Armando García Menocal, Antonio Rodríguez Morey, Leopoldo Romañach, Esteban Valderrama, Juan Emilio Hernández Giró, Teodoro Ramos, Fernando Boada, Jilma Madera and Esteban Betancourt. The building was inaugurated at the beginning of 1920, although the work was completed completely two months later.

Palacio Presidencial Cuba

The most functional rooms were housed on the ground floor: the telephone exchange, the power plant, the auxiliary offices and the stable (during this period the use of the automobile in Cuba had not been extended).

The first floor, on the other hand, was destined to the most luxurious and important spaces such as the Presidential Office, the Hall of Mirrors, the Chapel, the Golden Hall and the headquarters of the Council of Ministers.

On the second floor, President Menocal installed his residence and on the third and last floor the security body of the mansion was located.

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Palácio Presidencial Cuba

Museum of the Revolution

After the triumph of the Cuban Revolution, in 1959, the building began to be used as the presidential seat. The council of ministers was also there. Years later, in 1974, it became the Museum of the Revolution and was declared a National Monument in 2010. Located in front of the Cuban Art Building of the National Museum of Fine Arts, in one of the most privileged areas for the cuba house rental, space is one of the most visited places by international tourism.

The institution shows the public a collection initially assembled by Celia Sánchez Manduley, which for its value and quantity (more than 9,000 pieces belonging to the various stages of the revolutionary struggle), makes the Palace the most important museum of history in Cuba.

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