Restaurants in Havana, your best options

Jan 03, 2020
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Top 6 Best Restaurants in Havana

If you want to enjoy a dinner in a good place, in Havana you have plenty of places to choose. Take your time to delights in the restaurants in Havana.

If you thought that Havana was just history, music and the beach, you were wrong, and very much so! The Cuban capital is much more than that, being also a great representative of Cuban food, and as a good capital city, also an ambassador of the flavors of the whole world.

In this list, each of the restaurants in Havana stands out in the culinary panorama of Havana because of its merits and particularities that identify them.

Their popularity has been demonstrated; none of them spend the day with empty tables.

The diversity in this group is what makes the proposal an attractive option. Choose the place of your preference.

La Guarida Restaurant in Havana

Located in a beautiful early 20th century mansion at Concordia 418 between Gervasio and Escobar.

The dishes in this restaurant in Havana are based on traditional Cuban cuisine, but we offer exquisite international recipes adapted to our customs, seasonings and flavors.

The Osobuco Ravioli with marrow sauce and Pinot Grigio perfume is one of the chef’s suggestions.

Restaurants in havana
La Guarida

Restaurants in Havana: Habana 61

Restaurant in Havana specialized in international and Cuban food, cocktails and ideal atmosphere to share with friends. Enjoy tasty dishes in an atmosphere of modern design, contrasting, just light and sound, located in Old Havana.

Restaurants in havana
Habana 61

El de Enfrente Restaurant

The Restaurant El del Frente is a memorable restaurant in Havana located in the Historical Center of Havana, the capital of the Island of Cuba that has a terrace.

It offers a la carte service of fusion cuisine with signature design.
In the Restaurant El del Frente you can listen to a discharge of jazz, cocktails and tapas in a divine and pleasant atmosphere where the specialty of the house is the pastas and tapas.

It has a bar, wine list, air conditioning, reserved space, take away food, recorded music and live performances, outdoor service, smoking area, lounge reservation and an additional % for the payment of the service.

Restaurants in havana
El de Enfrente

Cafe Laurent

The Café Laurent, one of the best restaurants in Havana, proposes several well-differentiated environments. On the one hand, an intimate and pleasant indoor lounge, and on the other hand a splendid terrace, from which you can enjoy fantastic views of the most emblematic buildings of the city.

It has an innovative menu, based on Basque cuisine and quality products from the area. Among the house’s specialties are seafood risotto, cured ham, snapper with clams and prawns in green sauce, tuna carpaccio… and much more!

Cafe Laurent
Cafe Laurent

Restaurants in Havana: Casa Mia

This restaurant in Havana is the dream of three young people who decided to venture into creating a family restaurant.

Located in the house where the owners grew up, the place is full of history and memories stored in its walls, hence the great sentimental value it represents for its creators.

They decided to open it in honor of Ive Blanco, mother and aunt, who always dreamed of having a family business but life’s events and difficulties prevented her from opening it.

A restaurant in Havana perfect to enjoy local and international flavors, it manages to articulate, like no other, everyday and sophisticated cuisine in the same menu, characterized by simplicity, modernity and fusion of author design.

Restaurants in havana
Casa Mia

Lo de Monik Restaurant in Havana

Vegetarian food is the priority on this restaurant in Havana, although you can order with any other approach, a touch of festivity and imagination adorns all their dishes.

A first class service that will make you want to come back, especially if you are a fan of the color green in your diet.

Lo de Monik
Lo de Monik

Enjoy our beautiful house rentals in Cuba the best restaurants in Havana according to your likes!

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