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There are records of this coastal community since 1920, but it was not until 1943 that the boom began to be felt in a surprising way and that is when the figure of 2500 inhabitants was reached in the whole area, which shows its rapid population growth.

In its beginnings it was known under the name of Santa Ana, but later with the passing of the years it received the name of Santa Fe, which takes it to date, this beautiful place was founded between the years 1857 and 1860 and today it continues growing rapidly.

Inside Santa fe

There are not many buildings since only 3 have been built, the rest of the buildings are of one floor just like the houses, it is very common that you see the traffic of the so called bicycle cab which are bicycles modified and converted into a cab.

It has a movie theater, but with several hotels and especially with many houses for rent which you can rent while on vacation because they are houses with very good conditions so it is a good idea to rent for a few days.

Main Sights

santa fe cuba villa sarita

Here besides the beach, you have other activities like visiting its two art galleries, as well as, you can go to any of its 3 libraries, also you should visit its cinema.

In this beautiful place that is located by the sea you can find some of the best hotels of the island, and others that offer you a lot of security and also a lot of comfort like for example the Mirador of Santa Fe that is one of the best places of the place.

You can also get there through the Hemingway marina, which is not far away, say 12 minutes walking, and you will get to know the whole area better and better, besides the fact that the streets are very safe, which will undoubtedly make your visit more pleasant.

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