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    Tours in Cuba

    Cuba, exotic Caribbean island, is so much more than classic cars and handmade Cuban cigars. The island has some of the world’s most stunning beaches, ecotourism tours and adventures through amazing landscapes. Cuba is an extraordinary country for hiking, horseback riding, scuba diving and snorkeling or discovering its extensive history and abundant natural attractions so well preserved. For music lovers, Cuba is a pure treasure with live performances and a vibrant culture with its many unique rhythms that define it.

    Cuba is divided in many provinces, which are:

    • Pinar del Río
    • Artemisa
    • Havana
    • Mayabeque
    • Matanzas
    • Cienfuegos
    • Villa Clara
    • Sancti Spiritus
    • Ciego de Ávila
    • Camagüey
    • Las Tunas
    • Granma
    • Holguin
    • Santiago de Cuba
    • Guantánamo

    Cuba is a country full of enchantments, with a privileged natural environment and a wonderful climate, combination that guarantees the enjoyment of tours in any time of the year. With us you will find varied offers of walks and visits that will allow you to feel the Island and discover the attractions of its cities and the beauty of its natural and marine environments.

    Accompanied by a specialized guide, you will walk through streets and squares, taste local and international gastronomy, visit museums, cultural centers, and enjoy night shows or nautical activities. You will have multiple experiences that will bring you closer to the Cuban way of being. All this and more will complement your stay in Cuba besides of an amazing and unforgettable tour.

    We are here to help you design your Cuban adventure, proud to show you our extraordinary country and its fascinating culture.

    We specialize in developing custom-designed individual and group tours.

    As your local host in Cuba, our passion is to bring you an unforgettable Cuban experience, full of music, inspiration, a little mystery and to ensure that you return with a better understanding of our country and our culture, all of this united on a tour around the Cuban place of your interest.

    In the tours around Cuba, each visitor will be able to enjoy the nature and landscapes of the island, the Cuban culture and history, the architecture, the art, the religious diversity and the traditions of this people, and of course will also be able to enjoy its tourist attractions.

    In Cuba many are the destinations that attract tourists every year. The sun and the beach stand out among the main attractions of this archipelago in the middle of the Caribbean, but the architectural and cultural values of many of its cities, in addition to a unique flora and fauna, complement the proposal if it is a question of traveling here; being the tours around this wonderful island really pleasant and formidable.

    Our Agency offers you the most varied and attractive tours, which guarantee the full enjoyment of your chosen destination during your vacation in Cuba. During the day let yourself be seduced by the wonderful beaches, with their crystalline waters and fine white sand, and at night enjoy the magnificent Cuban music in the best cabarets in the Caribbean where every detail is important.

    Explore Cuba with our best tour offers. By booking our tours, your trip to Cuba becomes an unforgettable experience. We offer you a great variety of activities and tourist attractions. Visit the museums, art galleries and nightclubs that allow you to discover the wonders of Cuba.

    In the tours around Cuba, each visitor will be able to enjoy the nature and landscapes of the island, the Cuban culture and history, the architecture, the art, the religious diversity and the traditions of this people, and of course will also be able to enjoy its tourist attractions.

    We put at your disposal varied offers of tours in Cuba with origin in different destinations that will allow you to know its history and culture, as well as to enjoy the beach and other natural charms. One-day activities or excursions of several days, complemented with visits to local restaurants to enjoy the Cuban flavor, or to night centers to dance salsa.

    Some of the most popular tour in Cuba places are this ones:

    • Vinales
    • Old Havana
    • Trinidad
    • Private Havana City Tour
    • Santiago de Cuba
    • Hemingway Tour
    • Varadero
    • Bayamo – Granma
    • Cayo Santa María
    • Playa Guardalavaca, Pesquero and Esmeralda
    • Cienfuegos
    • Cayo Coco- Ciego de Avila
    • Cayo Guillermo
    • Guardalavaca Beach
    • Jardines del Rey
    • Baracoa
    • Holguin
    • Island of Youth
    • Cienaga de Zapata

    Some other interesting places to visit and include in your tour around Cuba and you can’t miss are:

    • Necrópolis Cristóbal Colón
    • Malecón
    • Castillo de San Pedro de la Roca del Morro
    • Comandancia de la Plata
    • Museo Nacional Camilo Cienfuegos
    • Playa Sirena
    • Plaza del Carmen
    • Museo Conjunto Histórico de Birán
    • Parque Histórico Militar Morro-Cabaña
    • Casa de Arte Jover

    To visit the most beautiful places the island has to offer, you have to take your time. Cuba is much more than Havana or Varadero. Do not refuse the opportunity to assimilate all the kindness of our fields, beaches and cities, take a tour around the island, discover and enjoy of endless wonders.

    Tour Havana in a classic luxury car

    The capital is the most appropriate place to discover little by little the rest of the island. Imagine that. The Malecon, the sunset and you in a classic car. That scene that looks like something out of a movie from the 1950s can become a reality.

    Cuba Tour

    Cuba is a country that has a great variety of places to visit among parks, monuments, museums, beaches. Without a doubt it is a destination to visit, to know and to return by its simplicity and its beauty. But among so many places to visit, the tours in Cuba are the easiest way to visit them.

    The tours in Cuba show some places that stand out for their natural and architectural brightness and their pomp. Each place in the country is seductive and striking, which makes many of its visitors want to return. Our agency offers a selection of tours to Cuba so that every visitor can enjoy their vacation on the island to the fullest.

    Among the many tours to do in Cuba there are different destinations whose duration varies depending on the tour. Some tours in Cuba can last from a few hours to days, but all are customized according to the interests.

    Tours in Cuba can range from visiting the wonderful beaches to those places where Cuban architecture stands out. Each excursion can be chosen according to the preferences and interests of the visitor and at tailor-made times. These can be daytime, nighttime, overnight and in which services such as meals, lodging, among others, are included.

    Cuba is characterized for being a unique island not only in the Caribbean but also in the entire world for its history and richness. We invite you, though amazing a wonderful tour in Cuba, to enjoy of this island, get deep inside of its culture, discover great things in companion of friends, family and lovers; get in touch with Cuban people and its kindness. Delight your eyes with amazing landscapes and marvelous views, go back in time in every street of the Old Havana, take a bath in a waterfall in Vinales, taste the exquisite Cuban food and delight with unique drinks like daiquiri and mojito.

    Enjoy of tours all around Cuba by the hand of a native Cuban citizen, specialized in history and Cuban culture, allowing you to interact with people around and delight yourself with amazing natures and an exquisite history.

    Enjoy of an unforgettable and personalized tour experience on a classic car all around the place you want to discover and know.

    Explore the architectural treasures of Havana, venture into the tobacco plantations of Vinales or explore Trinidad, Cuba’s best preserved colonial city: our tours will give you an insight into Cuba and its fascinating culture. Our individual and group tours are available in all major tourist destinations, so you can interact with the people and live true Cuban experiences.

    This island will make you discover a world totally different of the one you know. Full of wonders visitors penetrate into the Cuban culture enjoying of tours everywhere in Cuba. Enjoy of its amazing views, delightful drinks and nice people through our tours.

    Discover our tours in Cuba staying in one of our amazing luxury accommodation in Havana.

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