Varadero history

Feb 18, 2018

Varadero, a quick look on its history

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Enjoy our Varadero house rental and discover the island with our professional guides. In the year of 1540, during a survey journey under the command of Sebastian de Campos, the Hicacos peninsula was discovered by the Spanish monarchy.

The land was inhabited by natives that were to be expelled and exterminated. Soon after, a salt mine that supplied the Spanish fleet was made, and was kept running until the year of 1961.

The caves in the area were used as refuge places for pirates, runaway slaves and native fugitives. They treasure the most important representations of cave paintings of the country. The Ambrosio cave, shelters the biggest graphic collection in all the Caribbean area.

During the Republican period, the American government saw in Varadero the perfect place to develop the tourist industry. The first houses were located near the area of 42nd and 43rd   streets; they date from the end of the XIX century, when some plots for housing were given to the high society. Around this same area, a few years later the first hotel in Varadero opened its doors. It was the Varadero Nautical Club. From the year of 1910 on, the hotel became host for all the people who came to participate in the row regattas. By that time, a great number of wealthy Cuban and American families had begun to settle. But it was not until the second half of the XX century that the constructive fever really began.

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On 1959, after the triumph of the Cuban revolution, the tourist industry was nationalized. Then, right on the middle point of the peninsula the so called ¨8000 lockers Park¨ was built. During the next 20 years, Varadero became an important cultural center, specifically on the music environment. Several concerts, festivals and sport events were carried out. The international community could notice that something special was going on, and many people from all places began to arrive, eager to enjoy the beach, the warm weather and the flourishing cultural atmosphere.

During the eighties, the Varadero international Carnival was another great attraction for tourists both from out and inside the country. Ten years later, the Cuban government began to experience the biggest economic crisis on history, due to the collapse of socialism and former Soviet Union. Tourism became the first and most important economic issue for the country. Many hotels were built all along the island, but it was in Varadero where the main action took place. Cultural tourism began to decay and a new centralized, all inclusive concept emerged, giving place to the All included Resorts.

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Nowadays, the Cuban government has given its approval to private enterprises, thus allowing the house rentals in Varadero. One of the advantages of this private initiative is precisely the renewal of cultural tourism in the peninsula. The visitors, who make of the house rental their choice, can enjoy a trip full of vivid experiences. They can get to know better the Cuban people, also get involve and participate on public and cultural events, visit crafmanship market places and still receive a personalized service. For this kind of tourism, the house rental is the ideal choice, more economic and fun. Enjoy our Varadero house rental and feel a unique experiencia on the island.

Varadero house rental

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