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Flora in Cuba

flora in cuba viñales

The great diversity of flora and fauna turns Cuba into a true natural paradise. Its island condition and the incredible geological variety contribute to the multiplicity of habitats. At the same time, factors such as temperature, humidity, winds and rain due to its tropical rainy climate, have influenced the rich variety of habitats. There is a great diversity of living organisms in the country as well as an incredible endemism in its natural environment. If you want to know more about these presents of Nature and watch them live,  LujoCuba advises you to rent a villa in Cuba.

Some species that you should know before your trip to meet flora in cuba

Royal Palm Cuba

Cuban flora is characterized by a rich variety of species, where more than 50% are endemic. Of the 11,000 species reported, 6,300 are endemic. Therefore, Cuba is considered the main speciation center of the Antilles.

Among the most notable endemic species we can find: Palma corcho (Microcycas calocoma), Cashew of the Maestra (Magnolia cubensis), palma barrigona (Colpothrinax wrightii), Moa Dragon Tree (Dracaena cubensis), Cuban pine (pinus cubensis) and Turk’s-cap cactus (Melocactus matanzanus). However, the most representative plant or tree you can find in Cuba is the Cuban royal palm (Roystonea regia), which is Cuba’s national tree, which also has a religious role both in Christianity and Santería.

flora in cuba

The Garden of Cuba

The region of Moa, in the north of the province of Holguín, is the oldest one of the island. Called “The Garden of Cuba”, it displays a rich flora, with a lot of species. Here you can find the oldest plants in the country, such as the Moa Dragon Tree.

Recent research has shown that this place is usually the rainiest area of the island, so there is a humid tropical climate. There are also different geological layers such as serpentines, limestone and acidic strata, on which different types of vegetation have developed.

Rent a villa in Cuba and take advantage of your holidays in order to enjoy all beautiful landscapes that Cuba can offer you.

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