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Havana, origin and destination of famous artists and musicians worldwide

Although many do not know it, Cuba is not only rich thanks to its people, its beaches or its gastronomy, but also has given rise to many people and celebrities, many of them known worldwide and others not so much, but not least Important. If you are determined to visit the island, do not hesitate to rent a villa in Cuba or in a fantastic caribbean villa that are available through Lujo Cuba.

cuban musicians

The number of Cuban personalities is very varied and they are present in practically all areas, be it sports, cooks, writers, etc. but above all where Cubans know how to stand out and in a significant way is definitely in music, conquering the world with their boleros, salsa, and chachacha, so do not miss the opportunity to  rent a villa in Cuba.

Many artists of Cuban origin are known worldwide and others not so much but not less important,  the best option for you to enjoy everything is rent a villa in Cuba, among which we can highlight either their fame or their innovative style when it comes to creating music are:

The Great Celia Cruz

She was one of the most outstanding Cuban singers and best paid of century XX, interpreted son, son montuno, guaguancó, rumba, guaracha, bolero and salsa among others  latin american rhythms; broke myths by becoming a myth herself, set guidelines and established a milestone in the history of Cuban and Latin American music.

She is the figure who created a unique style and an iconic image of unsurpassed appeal thanks to a difficult and repeatable gift, thus establishing a place of respect for women who play popular music.

celia cruz cuba

Antonio Machín

He was a Cuban singer of boleros and of popular music in general, based his repertoire on the Cuban music and the romantic ballad, is remembered by songs like El  Manisero, Dos gardenias y Angelitos negros, among others.

A true globetrotter of music, he traveled through Cuba, USA, France, until World War II came to Spain, where he began acting in Barcelona halls to gradually acquire such a reputation that dominated the Spanish music scene for almost three decades.

Antonio Machín


Already in a very different genre and far from the classic and traditional Cuban rhythms, we can emphasize this well-known singer and American musical producer born of Cuban parents and that at the moment sweeps with each subject that takes to the market, its beginnings took it to the genre of hip hop.

But later he specialized more in style directed towards reggaeton and electro-pop, is currently one of the most requested artists, especially when collaborating with other well known singers, such as Jennyfer Lopez, Enrique Iglesias or Kesha.

pitbull cuba

Gloria Stefan

Known singer, songwriter and actress born in Cuba but raised in the United States, who throughout her career has sold more than 100 million records worldwide making her one of the best selling musical artists of all time, considering it as well as the Mother of Latin Pop.

Estefan has won multiple awards and recognition; including seven Grammys in addition to having a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. In addition The British newspaper The Sun placed it at number 13 of the 50 singers who will never be forgotten.

Gloria Stefan Cuba

Damaso Pérez Pardo

All mambo resemble each other, and they all have the same mold: the Damaso Perez Prado, called the “King of Mambo” was a musician, composer and arranger Cuban, who acquired Mexican nationality at age 64.

He is known mostly for his contributions to the genre of mambo, which has its origins in the Danzón Cuban. He noted for his unique work on the organ and its characteristic cries that later exported to Mexico and the United States.

Damaso Pérez Pardo

Olga Guillot

You can not miss on the list this artist of great career of nearly seven decades successes, born on October 9, 1923 in the city of Santiago de Cuba, although  when she was a teenager she moved to to Havana with her family, attracted by her passion for music.

The singer was not only recognized in their own country, which proclaimed the best Cancionera voice of Cuba, but also in New York and several Latin American countries, their most famous songs include ”Mienteme” of Armando the Chamaco Domínguez ; ”La gloria eres tú” or ”Cuando estoy contigo”, she is and has been without doubt one of the greatest singers of Cuban bolero.

Olga Guillot Cuba

Gente de Zona

It is a group of current salsa formed by Alexander Delgado and Randy Malcom that despite being founded in 2000, although, it was from 2014 when they got the most international fame. His musical style is very varied as it reggaeton rhythms combine with the more traditional style of Cuban music.

Gente de Zona reached its first international success after working with Enrique Iglesias in 2014 with the song ” Bailando”, which was awarded three Latin Grammy Awards. After the success in 2014, they became the undisputed kings of the dance floor every summer ravaging with songs like ” The Gozadera ” and ‘‘Traidora’’ both in collaboration with singer Marc Anthony, where millions of people singing and they danced their catchy lyrics and rhythms.

Gente De Zona Cuba

Enjoy the island and rent a villa in Cuba Cuba, the most desired destination for celebrities

Since the announcement of the normalization of relations between Cuba and the United States, the flow of visits of famous Americans has not stopped, you can also be one of the privileged many who have already visited the island, thanks to the wide range of accommodation in Cuba has LujoCuba.

Rolling Stones Cuba

So it is not surprising that celebrities such as Kevin Spacey, Naomi Campbell and Jack Nicholson among many other actors are eager to visit Cuba as well as many singers, especially  North Americans, have wanted to experience the warmth that Cuba and its people offer their visitors, and many singers did not want to miss the opportunity either as the famous visit to the island Beyoncé and her husband the rapper Jay-z or also personalities of the stature of Katy Perry and the famous rock group The Rolling Stones, the past month of March they offered a multitudinous concert, to which they went millions of people.

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