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Sports in Cuba, pure entertainment during your villa rental

Cuba is known as a paradise; sandy beaches, wild nature, rich culture or exotic gastronomy are some of its main attributes. Indeed, it is an island of music and colour with an extensive offer of activities, some of them unique. With this post, we want to show you all possibilities that you have to practice and watch different sports along the island if you decide to rent a villa in Cuba thanks to LujoCuba.

sports in cuba kite surf

Surf and Kitesurf

We know that Cuba is not the most famous place to surf but there are interesting places with big waves at Northern Coast, close to Havana, such as “Brisas del Mar” y “Mégano”. In the Southern Coast, in Guantánamo province, you can take advantage of large tropical storms in order to enjoy with great breakers. Also, there are more places to surf like “Yumurí”, “Gibara”, “Mar Verde” beach, Sun Beach or “Cayo Coco”.

However, if you prefer kitesurf we have good news for you. Cuba is consolidated as a suitable place to practice kitesurf because it has perfect climatic conditions, from October to March exactly. Some places to enjoy this sport are “Santa María del Mar”, “Cayo Coco” or Varadero.

Scuba diving

Cuba is the perfect place to practice scuba diving. The island is a global referent in scuba diving thanks to its virgin beaches, cays and coral reef where we can discover a bountiful marine biodiversity. Its waters are warm, clear and crystalline, propitiating perfect conditions to scuba diving. There are three excellent zones to practice this sport: “Jardines de la Reina”, “Isla Juventud” and “María la Gorda”.


If fishing is your passion, Cuba is your destination. Thanks to its unsurpassable conditions, Cuban waters attract great quantity of species such as needlefish, prawns, carbs, lobsters, rawfishes, swordfishes or blue marlins. From April to September you will enjoy the best time for fishing.

Fortunately, there are a lot of zones for fishing: “Ciénaga de Zapata Swamp”, Roman Cay, Varadero, Havana (where you can rent a villa in Cuba through one of our properties), “Jardines de la Reina” or “Cienfuegos”.

Remember, if you want to fish around the island you have to take into account a permission for fishing. It is easy to obtain it, only you have to present your passport and follow the rules of the selected zone for fishing.

marlin fishing cuba


Baseball is the official sport in Cuba. Everywhere in Cuba there is an incredible baseball atmosphere due to its large amount of supporters. This sport, also called “pelota” is practiced by the majority of the inhabitants. You can’t lose the chance to watch a Cuban Professional Baseball League match in one of the most important stadiums of the world, the Latin American Stadium, which is the Industriales’ home.


If you are very enthusiastic about nature, sport and adventure in Cuba you will find a complete offer of trekking activities. With 14 National Parks and more than 24 ecological reservations you will be able to discover a lot of hiking trails. The most famous areas for trekking are “Sierra Maestra”, “Pinar del Río” and “Topes de Collantes”.

From LujoCuba we hope that you take advantage of your trip while you rent a villa in Cuba and enjoy some of these sports, which are part of the essence of Cuba.

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