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enjoying a cocktail in cuba

The Caribbean is famous and known for it’s climate, sun, friendly people and exotic gastronomy, and sure that all of us have ever dreamed of being lying in a hammock, sunbathing in front of the Caribbean Sea, while we drink a delicious cocktail with cuban rum, during our accommodation in a villa in Cuba, one between the many offered in Lujo Cuba.

Without doubt the Island of Charm, is the origin of the most famous cocktails worldwide, and this has been thanks to influences from both African, Caribbean and Spanish mixed that have originated so much variety of drinks and cuban cocktails. It doesn’t matter if you don’t like soft drinks or prefer the classic Havana Club Rum, the variety is very extensive.

cocktail beach cuba

Some of the cuban cocktail creations have become so famous that they can be found anywhere in the world, but undoubtedly their flavor is indisputably better when you drink in the place of origin, Cuba.

The first drink that comes to your mind when you talk about Cuba is without doubt the Rum, because of its quality and tradition, goes back to the end of the 16th century and has always been present on the island, and it’s one of the most valued and appreciated in the world.

cocktail preparing cuba

In Cuba you can choose from a variety of colors and prices, the most well-known brand is هافانا Club, although also brands like Caney, Ritual or Mulata are very consumed. No doubt cuban rum is the drink that has more presence in the island, being the main ingredient of a great variety of popular cocktails, we show you some of them, although there are hundreds of combinations:

  • El Mojito: It is the national drink of Cuba, at present La Bodeguita del Medio is the corner of Cuba, where they prepare the best Mojitos of the island. It’s ingredients are white cuban rum, lime, soda, sugar and peppermint. It’s believed that its origin dates back to the time when pirates sailed the Caribbean Sea, where it was served as a medicinal beverage for them, to prevent digestive problems and vitamin C deficiencies.

cocktail mojito habana cuba

  • Daiquiri: It is made from white cuban rum, lime juice and sugar, although there are several variants adding tropical fruits. It was one of the favorite drinks of the writer Ernest Hemingway, honorable customer of the well-known Cuban bar La Floridita, where he took this refreshing cocktail.

  • Cuba libre: It is one of the most consumed drinks worldwide and a classic in any party, for your preparation you simply need rum, cola drink and ice. It’s history and name goes back to the year 1898, when the American troops liberated to the Cuban island of the Spanish domination and this one happened to be North American colony.

cuba libre cocktail

  • Saoco: It’s an ideal drink to take on the beach, thanks to it’s pleasant and natural flavor, is prepared with white rum and coconut water, although it can be served in a glass, ideally it’s consumed directly from a coconut.

Mulata Daiquiri

  • Mulata: This cocktail mixes the flavors of the aged rum, the lemon juice, the black cocoa cream with a little ice, that combined perfectly and produces the excitement of the senses.

If your next trip takes you to Cuba, the best accommodation option is a villa rental in Cuba, and enjoy the flavors of all these cocktails that will make you experience the true Cuban essence.

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