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Hola Habana! Discover the best bohemian style cuban bars

cuban bars

The old part of Havana is expanding more and more. Private businesses are growing and with them the good offers for all tastes, ages, musical and gastronomic preferences.

Bohemian environments have become fashionable. That’s why many people come to the city in search of carefree, cultured spaces, with a good aesthetic bill, from its decoration to its menu and drinks.

The proposal we bring you:

It has to do with five of the best bars in Old Havana. They are not the extremely traditional or high-end ones. They are, mostly, fashionable private businesses where the bohemian atmosphere predominates.

Among them are: Bar-gallery Dandy, Bar Lamparilla 361, La Bodeguita del Medio, Casa de la Cerveza and Bar-restaurant La Vitrola.

El Dandy, bar-gallery where carelessness is intentional

In the central corner of Villegas and Teniente Rey, very close to the park of Christ, the bar-gallery Dandy has its doors open permanently. Inside it is allowed to smoke and has several doors that encourage natural ventilation.

cuban bars

It is a private place, decorated by hand because things seem to have been forgotten in the position they are in. For example, when you enter and look around you discover that you are surrounded by very interesting paintings and small installations.

The tables and chairs of little painted iron, suggest that furniture that once existed in the famous Coppelia ice cream parlor, in the capital’s Vedado neighborhood. Just by observing the surroundings, you can enjoy the stay while you talk, have a drink, eat something tasty like malanga fried food or Creole croquettes and watch the Havana people pass by in an incredibly lively atmosphere.

Lamparilla 361, the umbrellas trace the path

Almost at the corner of Lamparilla # 361 and Villegas another private bar guards the Parque del Cristo. Nothing else approaches and you will identify it because all its entrance is adorned with open umbrellas that cover the piece of street in front of the business.Vintage atmosphere in the bar.

Lamparilla 361

Inside, the vintage atmosphere is evident from the decoration to the menu. The dishes you order will be curiously served. My favorite is the vegetable casserole which, besides being tasty, is literally presented in a tiny pot with a lid.

cuban bars

Drink at the bar Lamparilla 361

As a courtesy of the house, we serve as a starter some mini-pans with pumpkin and ginger cream, exquisite to accompany with bread. The place is not air-conditioned, it has large doors to the street that ventilate and illuminate and allow direct contact with everything that happens outside.

La Bodeguita del Medio, don’t wait to live the experience

On Empedrado Street # 207, between Cuba and San Ignacio, is the legendary Havana bar founded in 1942 and famous for the Mojito, a drink served there

La Bodeguita de en Medio in Havana

Although the place has been a bit stigmatized and that has made it lose slightly its bohemian touch, it is still a reference for those who want to taste the real Cuban Mojito and write on the walls of the establishment some phrase of remembrance.

A mojito at the bar of the Bodeguita del Medio

If you think it might be too crowded, you don’t have to worry. There is a bar at the entrance that constantly serves the drink, prepared on the spot. The price is around 5 CUC. Live the experience and you will not lose time.

The taste of Cuban beer, outdoors

Havana will make you sweat, and since there are many places you will want to visit, always consider making a stop and getting hydrated. To drink in a pleasant atmosphere I suggest you go to the Casa de la Cerveza.

Handcrafted beer

Located in the same Historical Center, its tables are in the Old Square outdoors, therefore the panoramic view is magnificent and the breeze runs from all sides. The beer is served in glass jars or in tubes that are shared among several people. This is an excellent opportunity to taste a Cuban beer in a colonial atmosphere, tinged by the sound of traditional Cuban music.

cuban bars

La Vitrola, today’s music played in yesterday’s style

Between San Ignacio and Cuba, exactly in Wall # 151, there is a place that is distinguished by music. Its name is the pretext that announces that the melody does not stop playing. However, the most modern chords are heard as well as the traditional ones.

Interior of the bar La Vitrola

The interior decoration is somewhat exuberant. Old glass windows, hanging bikes, pictures on the walls stand out. You can choose between tables outside or sitting inside the place.

Old vitrola that is part of the decoration of the bar that has the same name
The drinks are the best thing about the place. You can order from the collection of national rums the ones you want: Havana Club ritual cuban, añejo y reserva, maestro selection, Santiago gran reserva… La Vitrola will always please you.

For an intense day with a happy ending. When the day has been good and intense you will agree with me that the best place is the one that offers you the break and the drink you need. Bohemian bars specialize in this service.

Bars in Havana

That’s why the day always ends well when you discover one of the bohemian bars of Old Havana. It is the opportunity for your day to have a happy ending. Among the bars in Havana, select your favorite and take the opportunity to visit it. Who knows if you will feel like a famous artist by your side.

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