Discover a Variety of Luxury Villas Across the Beautiful Island of Cuba

Embark on your dream vacation with our hand-picked selection of houses for rent in Cuba. At LujoCuba, we specialize in enhancing travel experiences, providing a wide array of Cuba house rentals, from chic city apartments in Havana to serene beach houses nestled on Cuba’s stunning coastlines.
Enjoy the ultimate luxury with options featuring private pools and breathtaking beach views. Immerse yourself in the vibrant Cuban lifestyle while enjoying the comfort and privacy of your own rented home.

Villa Aurora

5 bedrooms 6 baths

Villa Don

7 bedrooms 9 baths

Villa Yan

4 bedrooms 4.5 baths

villas de lujo en cuba

Villa Paradise

4 bedrooms 4 baths

Luxury Rio Mar

7 bedrooms 6 baths

Villa Bella

4 bedrooms 5 baths

The Loft

2 bedrooms 2 baths

Mansion El Duque

6 bedrooms 6.5 baths

Villa Costa

7 bedrooms 8.5 baths

Penthouse Atlantic City Havana Cuba

Penthouse Atlantic City

4 bedrooms 4 baths

Villa Pat

4 bedrooms 5.5 baths

Luxury penthouse Havana

Penthouse Rio Mar

7 bedrooms 6.5 baths

Explore Cuba’s True Essence: Your Ideal Vacation Rentals Await

Immerse yourself in the authentic charm of Cuba with LujoCuba’s handpicked portfolio of homes for rent. We offer a diverse array of Cuba rentals, each selected with the utmost care to cater to the unique preferences of every traveler. Whether you’re seeking the dynamic city life of Havana or the peaceful rhythms of Cuba’s beautiful beaches, our collection is sure to contain your ideal home away from home.
Relaxation meets luxury in our exquisite Cuba house rentals with private pools. Perfect for families or those seeking an exclusive retreat, these homes offer a serene space for rejuvenation after a day of exploring Cuba’s vibrant culture and history.
Beach lovers will be enticed by our selection of Cuba beach houses. Nestled on the most picturesque coastlines, these homes offer panoramic sea views and direct beach access. Start your day with a tranquil beach walk and end it with a stunning sunset right at your doorstep.
For those captivated by the allure of city life, our rentals in Havana, Cuba perfectly encapsulate the city’s timeless charm. Ranging from sleek, modern apartments to traditional Cuban houses, these rentals are strategically located within the city’s bustling heart. Enjoy easy access to Havana’s rich cultural scene, historical sites, lively restaurants, and vibrant nightlife.
With LujoCuba, securing your dream Havana Cuba villa rental has never been easier. Each property in our collection promises comfort, convenience, and a unique touch of Cuban character. So go ahead, explore our extensive collection and find the perfect setting for your unforgettable Cuban adventure. Your ideal Cuban vacation starts with LujoCuba.