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Havana, our capital, is bathed by the Caribbean Sea, tanned by the tropical sun and sweetened by a mesmerizing culture. It is not surprising that it is also one of the most touristic cities worldwide.

Most tourists come to Havana and they think they know which monuments, places and touristic places must be visited, but if you are going to rent a villa in Cuba for some days, we propose you some things that you should do once in your life. Havana is full of unknown corners from where to enjoy the life and plans that make you feel alive.

10 things to do in Havana

1. Take a break in “La Lluvia de Oro” bar. If you are in love with Cuban cocktails, you can’t miss this bar. things to do in havana

2. Go out to La Fábrica de Arte Cubano, an interactive cultural place where you can learn about Cuban art or enjoy a music concert.

3. Have a piña colada in the “Hotel Nacional de Cuba”, built in the 30s, declared Memory of the World by UNESCO.

4. Eat Malanga every day, from morning to night. It is a tubercle very similar to sweet potato used like garrison.

5. Rent a car in Havana thanks to LujoCuba. We offer you the opportunity of renting a classic or modern car. Discover Havana with one of our cars and feel how you go back in time.

old havana

6. Glimpse some books about The Revolution at Plaza de Armas. Che Guevara, Fidel Castro or Camilo Cienfuegos are some of their main characters.

7. Dine at La Guarida, an impressive palace with an indescribable view. You can finish the night in its spectacular terrace that dominates the city.

8. Dance salsa in any bar without any shame.

9. Have some mariquitas (snack made of fried banana) and a Cristal beer in the afternoon in any terrace in Plaza Mayor.

10. Of course, if you decide to travel to Cuba, the best option in Havana for accommodation is the villa rental.

Choose LujoCuba and rent a villa in Cuba, you will find the intimacy and comfort that you need.

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