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Endemic Animals of cuba

Animals of Cuba, in spite of Cuban fauna being not very known worldwide, it treasures an incredible beauty and rich biological diversity, characterized by very high values of endemism.

Nice weather and numerous habitats such as beaches, mountains, jungles and savanna are the main factors that influence the endemism of Cuban fauna. The Cuban archipelago has more than 13 thousand species but none is dangerous for humans. From LujoCuba we hope that you enjoy the Cuban nature in all its glory if you opt to rent a house in Cuba.

Cuban crocodile

It is one of the most important endemic animals in Cuba, but, unfortunately, it is too in danger of extinction. There are only about 6,000 wild individuals. Cuban crocodile inhabits especially in the “Ciénaga de Zapata”. This crocodile realizes spectacular jumps out of the water, which helps it to catch terrestrial prey such as rodents or birds around.

cuban crocodile


It is a passerine bird, endemic to Cuba. In their colorful plumage, red, blue and white, the colors of the Cuban flag are easily located. This is the reason by which it is considered the National Bird. It only exists in Cuba, including Isla de la Juventud (formerly Isla de Pinos), Cayo Guanaja and Cayo Sabinal of the Jardines del Rey archipelago (Sabana-Camagüey). It is common in forests throughout the country, which can be diverse, including pine forests, but dense and with tall trees.

tocororo bird cuba

Cuban Hutia

This rodent is the most common, the largest and the most famous specimen of hutias that inhabit Cuba. Due to this fact, the Cuban hutia can be found in a lot of zones of Cuba such as mangrove swamps, swamps, scrubs… To highlight, this animal can be domesticated by humans.

cuban hutia

Bee Hummingbird

The bee hummingbird, zunzuncito or Helena hummingbird is a cuban native type of hummingbird which is the world’s smallest bird. This bird belongs to the family of Hummingbird, being the smallest bird of the family and also the smallest bird of the world; it only measures seven centimetres. This bird reaches a flight speed of 144 kilometres per hour and takes the nectar from the flowers in full suspension using its long and fine beak.

Almiqui The almiqui is a primitive insectivorous terrestrial mammal inhabiting only the forested regions of eastern Cuba like Baracoa. This animal is in danger of extinction due to its small population and low reproduction rate. Its particularity lies in its poisonous bite.

Bee Hummingbird cuba

Cuban gar

This rare fish is considered by specialists as a biological relic because many of the animals that evolved next to it have already disappeared. It inhabits the Peninsula of Zapata and other zones of the south of the western provinces and of the Island of the Youth. However, due to its restricted area of distribution in the world, the danger of extinction of this species is high.

cuban gar

Polymita Picta

They live in the trees and are sensitive to the changes of humidity, luminosity, temperature and salinity of the environment, reason why they have not been able to adapt to other territories. It is considered the symbol of the fauna of Baracoa. If you decide to rent a house in Cuba with LujoCuba, don’t miss the opportunity to take advantage of the spectacular Cuban nature and observe these endemic animals in their autochthon habitat.

Polymita Picta

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