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cabaret tropicana cuba

Today we want to show you the greatest spectacle that you will find in Cuba. We are talking about Tropicana Cabaret, the most famous Cuban cabaret. It opened in 1939 in Havana and was launched at Villa Mina, a wooded area. So it became a completely different cabaret in comparison with traditional cabarets.

The cabaret was composed by ballet, circus, carnival, boleros and chachachá in order to achieve an authentic creative artistic show, whose fame is recognized around the world. If you decide to rent a villa in Cuba thanks to LujoCuba, do not miss this chance and visit the Tropicana Club and enjoy the Tropicana Cabaret.

tropicana dancer

A paradise under the stars

Known as “a paradise under the stars” due to its incredible emplacement, surrounded by big trees such as cedars or Cuban royal palms, this club now seats one thousand people distributed around the stage or mobile track. Also, there are aerial tracks used by the artists in the show. In each show, there can appear around one hundred artists between musicians and ballerinas.

A lot of Cuban stars have acted in their stages, as well as other international stars. This spectacle is characterized by Cuban folklore, its colour, the variety of rhythms, the beauty and grace of its dancers and the quality of its artists. In fact, in 1992 it won “The Best of the Best Five Stars Diamond” award for the best Cabaret of America, recognizing the category of it and also, paying tribute to its history of more than half a century.

The show takes place from Tuesday to Sunday at 9 p.m. If you are going to rent a villa in Cuba, do not miss this chance. There is a sentence that says: “If you did not go to Tropicana Cabaret, you have not been in Havana”. Here you can find a video that shows this incredible spectacle:

cabaret tropicana cuba dancers

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