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Varadero, an unknown place to discover

Who doesn’t know Varadero en Cuba? It is the main beach zone in the entire island, a place where almost any tourist wants to spend some days and enjoy its spectacular beaches.

Varadero, which is the largest resort in Cuba, has 20km of sandy beaches and remind us that the real paradise should be a place like this. However, outside this area there are charming uncrowded attractions that worth to be visited. Rent a house in Cuba and discover incredible places that a tourist usually doesn’t visit.

varadero map

A lot of tourists know the part of Varadero en Cuba related to resorts and paradisiac beaches, but they don’t know that Varadero is, in fact, a land of contrasts, a place where you can go from the most luxurious hotel to its antithesis, which represents carriages, dilapidated colonial architecture, sugar cane farmers. This is the real way of life of a lot of Cubans.

Magical places next to Varadero en Cuba

cueva saturno varadero in cuba

On the road to Matanzas we find Playa Coral, and it receives this name because of the coral reefs that you can watch doing snorkel. These reefs are next to sandy beaches, where some local commerce offer snorkeling and diving.

Just 20km from Varadero, there is a path that leads you to an intricate system of caverns, where we can find the Cueva Saturno. This cave is an underground natural swimming hole whose water is turquoise and clear, so it is perfect to swim or snorkel. This experience, among stalagmites and stalactites, must be lived, so buy an entrance for admission are justified.

Matanzas, a cultural option next to Varadero

botica francesa en matanzas cuba

Very close to Varadero en Cuba we find Matanzas, a city that reminds you the old glorious days of a colonial village in the early twentieth century. There are great attractions that will make you forget the Varadero’s luxury. Teatro Sauto is one of them, a grandiose theater built in 1863 and where Anna Pavlova was accommodated. Also, you should visit the Museo Farmacéutico, a family pharmacy from the 19th century which has been become in a museum, but nowadays it keeps displaying original medicaments. As you can see, Cuba is not only Havana and Varadero en Cuba.

This country has more attractions waiting for you, so buy a flight, rent a house in Cuba and enjoy this charming island rent a house in Cuba and enjoy this charming island.

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