The history of Hemingway and Havana

Ernest Hemingway and Cuba

In 1934, Hemingway bought a boat called Pilar and began to sail through the waters of the Caribbean Sea. After a short stay in Cayo Hueso and a journey as a journalist, scriptwriter and collaborator that kept him immersed in two of the most relevant political and social processes of his time: the Spanish Civil War and the Second World War, the North American writer navigates towards Cuban waters and find your best accommodation in Havana, in the Ambos Mundos Hotel, located in the Historic Quarter of the city. At that time (1939) he was going through his separation with Pauline Pfeiffer, after he met journalist and writer Martha Gellhorn, in 1936. Get for one of our rental properties in Cuba y explore the most representative places of the island. Enjoy our house rentals in cuba and have a dream stay.

Shortly after his arrival in the least of the Antilles, he goes to life in one of the best rental properties in Cuba together with Gellhorn: Finca Vigía, a 61,000 m² rural house located on the outskirts of the Cuban capital. The couple established their winter residence there and the famous writer filled it with cats. There were dozens of them in their lands and he enjoyed his company very much. In Finca Vigía, Hemingway wrote part of what was the first famous novel: For Whom the Bell Tolls (1940). The work sold half a million copies in a few months and was the definitive step for the establishment of his reputation as a writer, thanks to a nomination he received for the Pulitzer Prize.

After a short stay in China he returned to Cuba, accompanied by Martha, who had been sent there to fulfill a journalistic mission. The island was on the verge of war with the United States and the writer convinced the Cuban government to use his ship Pilar to ambush the German submarines that remained on the coasts of the country. Enjoy our house rentals in cuba and have a dream stay.

The following years he remained in Europe and after his return to Cuba he wrote On the other side of the river and among the trees and his great work: The old man and the sea. The latter, only took eight weeks and became the work of his life. The writer himself said that it was the best he could give of himself and he was not wrong. The old man and the sea made him an international celebrity and this time he received the Pulitzer Prize, in May 1952. Two years later, he was awarded the Novel Prize for Literature. Enjoy our house rentals in cuba and have a dream stay.

House Rentals in Cuba
Ernest Hemingway

He returns to Cuba in 1957 and begins to work in parallel in Paris was a party, Al break the dawn, The Garden of Eden and Islands in the Gulf. The last three were stored in Havana.

His house, Finca Vigía, began to fill with tourists and guests and progressively the writer began to feel unhappy. In 1960 he left the island permanently, although he maintained his relations with Fidel Castro and his sympathy with the inhabitants did not end. Enjoy our house rentals in cuba and have a dream stay.

Hemingway’s house in Cuba today

Finca Vigía remains intact, as one of the most beautiful museums of the Cuban capital. The team in charge of the conservation of the place decided to keep the ranch as Hemingway left it, without altering the order of his personal belongings too much. Enjoy our house rentals in cuba and have a dream stay.

The hotel Ambos Mundos keeps offering its services and keeps intact the room of the North American Novel Prize as one of its main tourist attractions and of historical interest; as well as the El Floridita and La Bodeguita del Medio bars, where the writer loved to drink his favorite cocktails in the company of the Cubans; which over the years has made Calle Obispo one of the best places for to get rental properties in Cuba.

House Rentals in Cuba
Havana, Cuba – February 2,2017: House Finca Vigia where Ernest Hemingway lived from 1939 to 1960.From the back veranda and the adjacent tower one has an excellent view of downtown Havana.

Enjoy our house rentals in cuba and have a dream stay.

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