Cayo Jutias

Explore the natural beauty of Cayo Jutías, a place where the tranquility and beauty of the landscape will captivate you

Exploring Cayo Jutias

Cayo Jutias in Cuba is the name of an island of 4 square kilometers that belongs to the Archipelago of the Colorados, near the Valley of Viñales and is located in the northwest of the Caribbean country of Cuba. It is located near the Bay of Santa Lucía, north of the inlet Nombre de Dios.

It has an embankment that serves as a bridge between the main island of Cuba and the cay. Administratively, it depends on the municipality of Minas de Matahambre, which belongs to the province of Pinar del Río.

The most discovered beach in Pinar del Río is the 3 km long sandy mantle that adorns the north coast of Cayo Jutías, a mangrove-covered key located approximately 65 km northwest of Viñales and linked to the mainland by a short causeway. Jutías – named for its native tree rats – competes with Cayo Levisa to the east for the title of the most picturesque beach in the province, and while the latter might be more beautiful, the former lacks overnight accommodations and therefore greater tranquility.

The access road to the Cayo begins about 4 km west of Santa Lucía. Ten minutes after crossing the road, the Cayo Jutías Lighthouse appears; this metal lighthouse was built by the U.S. in 1902 and is an interesting walk through the adjacent mangrove-filled sands. The road curves sharply to the left and ends at the main beach of Jutías, caressed by crystal-clear waters, 12.5 km from the coastal road.


Cayo Jutias in Cuba, is one of the most virgin beaches of Pinar del Rio with white sands and turquoise waters where you can enjoy the Caribbean tranquility.

Currently there is no accommodation in Cayo Jutias, but there are some Private Houses on the road to Santa Lucia. The most practical thing is to stay in a Private House of Viñales and to make an excursion of a day to Cayo Jutías.

In Cayo Jutias Cuba you can hire some excursions in a cabin that is next to the restaurant to do diving in the reefs, for which it is necessary to go by boat. You can also rent water bikes and snorkel in the nearby reefs.


There is no accommodation in Cayo Jutia, most people come here on a day trip from Viñales.


The key has a restaurant that opens for lunch and serves above-average seafood, which tastes much better for the idyllic surroundings.

Main Sights

  • Cayo Jutia Restaurant
  • Cayo Jutia Beach
  • Rent of excursions Cayo Jutías