The “Fábrica de Arte Cubano”, an interesting cultural place made for you

Apr 11, 2017

The “Fábrica de Arte Cubano”, also known as The House of Art and Cuban Artists, is a cultural project developed by the renowned Cuban musician X Alfonso, where multiple artistic expressions such as music, photography, dance, theater, plastic arts and industrial design, among other specialities, converge. X Alfonso defined the meaning of this place as a Contemporary Avant-Garde Cultural Movement. If you decide to rent an apartment in Cuba, more specifically in Havana, we have a great offer of apartments and villas. Come to Havana and discover some interesting and unique places such as the “Fábrica de Arte Cubano” or F.A.C.

An old factory for young artists

Its headquarters are in the old Electricity Company of Havana (1905-1913), which became in the 1930s the mythical Oil Factory “El Cocinero”. However, with the victory of the Revolution in 1959, it became a warehouse of The Fishing Industry. Nowadays, the factory is a multidisciplinary and participatory space, open from Thursday to Sunday from 8:00 pm until 3:00 am and where something is always happening: concerts, performances, exhibitions or colloquiums.

The F.A.C. is a self-financed cultural and social project whose objective is to support and promote the work of young artists, as well as promoting the formation of values or caring for the environment and recycling culture, among other actions.

4 Industrial units, 4 different areas

  • First industrial unit: includes visual arts, graphic design, architecture, fashion and music of small format. Different expositions every month turn this project into a chance to exchange artistic concerns among students. There are also demonstrations, workshops and conferences with the various creators who exhibit their work in F.A.C.
  • Second industrial unit: dedicated to photography and video art. The Gallery of Photography promotes, as one of its objectives, the photographic art with avant-garde vision.
  • Third industrial unit: includes dance, film, theater, classical music and the digital library. For example, the film section is focused on the creation of synergies between the spectators and the artists, and into this section, it is possible to project national or international movies of different genres such as fiction, documentaries, short films…
  • Fourth industrial unit: it is entirely dedicated to musical concerts. One of the strong points of this socio-cultural proposal is music, so F.A.C. has three rooms for its realization. One small room; another exclusive for classic music; and the “Nave Azul”, designed for Cuban bands.

It is located between the central streets 11 and 26, in the Vedado neighborhood. Now that you know how to find this special place and how interesting it is, do not miss the chance to visit it when you rent an apartment in Cuba.

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