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Vedado Cuba

el vedado cuba

vedado cuba

El Vedado, the heart of downtown…

Also known as the nucleus of the revolution, it is considered the main axis of commerce in Havana and is also the main residential neighborhood that exists in the Cuban capital.

It is also the oldest neighborhood in Havana, and is the nucleus of modernism on the island, which makes it more important.

This neighborhood has its origin in the 19th century and its name comes from the characteristics of its topography, since it had to be built that way so the island was in constant danger of being attacked by pirates of the time like the famous pirate Morgan who according to history left many treasures buried on the island.

But from its beginnings to date, El Vedado has been undergoing a series of changes until what we know today, since for example here you can find establishments of great luxury and comfort like the Hotel Focsa or the Somellan.

In addition to other sites, such as modern bars, restaurants, cinemas, theaters and other types of spaces where it is always a pleasure to be or to visit, it is for this and other reasons that the vedado has become a site of great interest for those who visit the island.

hotel nacional vedado cuba

And it is all due to the great importance that this neighborhood has achieved in recent years for Cuba, since it is considered the center of trade in the Cuban capital as well as a site of importance for the government since here there are many government institutions such as financial offices, health institutions and there are also several schools.

And many very modern buildings that have nothing to envy to any current construction, since they have everything that is needed to live up to the modern architecture of any city.

About 180,000 people live here, so you can get an idea of how important and above all what this neighborhood means to Havana. There are also several establishments that have a lot of history, such as stores, restaurants and hostels.

There is even the hotel that was once called the Habana Hilton Hotel and once the Cuban revolution was achieved it was called the Cuba Libre Hotel until today, in which everything is still the same as it was before, the quality of its service and its infrastructure.

Without wanting to, you can arrive at this neighborhood because you only have to walk along what is the famous Malecón of Havana, and without even noticing it, you are in the forbidden area because most of what is the Malecón is here in this famous neighborhood.

As you see, there is a lot to visit and also to know in Havana as well as in its most popular and important neighborhood, as it is the neighborhood of the vedado, since to go to Cuba is already an obliged stop, to visit also the most emblematic and important neighborhood of the island as it is the neighborhood the vedado.

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