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Aug 10, 2016

Idyllic sandy beaches with postcard-perfect ocean views. Warm, beaming weather; breathtaking coral reefs and a rich history like few. Cuba is the perfect city to enjoy a couple of days full of rhythm, music, dance, classic cars, rum, sugar canes and some of the most open and welcoming people. Relax in some of the best selection of villa rentals in Cuba and get borne away to exotic places. welcome to cuba

welcome to cuba

Immerse yourself in the history-worn streets and buildings. Get to know la Plaza de la Revolución, admire the hectares of sugar cane cultivations from the Manaca Iznaga tower or get carried away by the worn down charm of its capital, Matanzas, while enjoying your stay in a great selection of villa rentals in Cuba from which to explore and discover the island. Take pleasure in the Caribbean beats and discover the place where el danzón and la rumba rose. welcome to cuba

welcome to cuba

Wander and celebrate the rhythm, the noise and ever present street performances from a charming town house or one of the many villa rentals in Cuba. Fall for the colourful charm of the rural city of Trinidad, stroll around el Malecón with the Havanans and fall in love with the vibrant historic quarter after waking up in any of the vast range of villa rentals in Cuba, from Siboney to Nuevo Vedado to Miramar and to Vedado. Rest in some of the best villa rentals in Cuba, selected carefully to suit every expectation. Admire the rich architectural heritage and the dozens of icons from the revolution.

welcome to cuba
Visit the Bariay National Park and set foot in the same beach Columbus docked his ship back in 1492 when he reached the island. Whether on holidays with your partner, family or friends, choose among the best selection of villa rentals in Cuba to make of your stay a memorable one. Flee from the touristic overcrowding and take your time to credit the swamps, coral reefs and marine park located in the remote area of Santa Cruz del Sur. welcome to cuba

Monumento en Bariay

Toast to life with the best Cuban rum and find peace in going back to bed to rest in your chosen villa rental in Cuba. Forget the beaches, the paradisiacal shorelines and views. The best of Cuba is its people. A nation that carries rhythm in the blood and a smile always on the face. In this island, mojitos taste better, music sounds louder, laughter is heard more often. In this island, you will make of your dream vacation an unforgettable memory, experienced from one of the many villa rentals in Cuba.

Lujo Cuba, experts in villa rentals in Cuba. Get in touch with us for further information. welcome to cuba

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