Puerto Padre

Discover the Coastal Charm of Puerto Padre in Las Tunas

Exploring Puerto Padre Cuba

Puerto Padre, a Cuban municipality located to the north of the province of Las Tunas. It is the most extensive and the second in population in the territory. It is also known as the Villa Azul de los Molinos. It stands out for its agricultural production, tourism and its cultural roots.


Puerto Padre appears in history next to the Discovery of America, since, according to different historians and researchers, it was the first Cuban port through which Christopher Columbus disembarked in his first voyage to discover the New World.

According to these statements, the Great Admiral, after arriving at the Cuban coasts, spent the night of October 27, 1492 with his ships anchored at some point in front of the beaches of what are known today as Punta Tomate and La Herradura. The following day, Sunday, October 28, early in the morning, he continued sailing into the nearby bay and called it “Río San Salvador”.

Main Sights

  • Independence Park
  • Museo Fernando García Grave de Peralta
  • Fuerte de la Loma
  • Independence Park
  • Puerto Padre Parks, to rest in the shadow of history

Very close to the Puerto Padre Boardwalk is the beautiful Independence Park. For the dense shade provided by the trees that surround it and the gentle cool that comes from the sea is a place to meet and rest. It is also a place full of history, because in its center is a monument erected in homage to the independence and beginning of the Republic, which was the first to be inaugurated in all the old Cuban province of Oriente.

The work made by the Cuban artist José Villalta Saavedra in Carrara marble, has as its main element the sculpture of a woman representing the nascent Cuban republic.