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Havana has its “son”, it’s rum, it’s ‘‘ropa vieja’’, it’s mojitos, it’s sunsets at the Malecón, a Cuban paradise stolen at the time when you can only let yourself go … Azúuuucar!, and the best way to do it is to spend some days to in this wonderful and exotic country, LujoCuba gives you the possibility to experience amazing activities in Cuba.

The Cuban capital is undoubtedly a city full of paradoxes and contradictions, whose main attractions are the beauty of it’s historic center, it’s exceptional architecture and Cuban iconography from the Malecón to the Plaza de la Revolución, also La Giraldilla, And it’s wide cultural offer.

Fascinating, unique and infinitely rich. Cuba will never cease to surprise you.

So, we show you 10 things among many others that you should definitely do during your visit to the island or at least once in life, but if your concern isn’t knowing where you are staying do not hesitate to rent a villa in Cuba. If your concern is not knowing where to stay.

ONE To wander and to be carried away through the colorful streets of the center. Mingle other streets and discover other corners with an indescribable charm.

carro clasico frente al capitolio en cuba

TWO Watch the sunset from the Malecón while the fishermen from Havana lay in the background and the children jump from the rocks to the sea, while listening the sound of some distant music, with all this you won’t want to leave. It is one of the best activities in Cuba to do in the evening.

THREE Let yourself be impressed by the Plaza de la Revolución, conceived in the 1920s by the French landscape architect Jean-Claude Nicolas Forestier, which houses the headquarters of the Cuban Government.

plaza revolucion che guevara cuba

FOUR Take a ride in one of the beautiful American cars of the 50’s, like a convertible Chevrolet and at the end of the ride tell you that it belonged to the famous singer Benny Moré is another amazing activity in Cuba.

FIVE Taste and savor the delicious and typical Cuban dishes like ‘‘pollo grillé’’,  ‘‘ropa vieja’’ with banana and yucca, one of the most famous Cuban dishes, and which is offered in every restaurant and food house and where you can also taste many other typical Cuban dishes full of flavor.

SIX If you dont like to dance it does not matter, do not hesitate to try dancing salsa in a bar, and better if it’s in the company of a cuban who knows how to direct your steps, so you will feel that you don’t dance so badly, this is the best way to be part of the festive atmosphere of the place. It is one of my favorites activities in cuba.

cabaret tropicana cuba dancers

SEVEN Stay in one of the many accommodations available through Lujo Cuba, which will adapt perfectly to your needs and preferences so that you enjoy the most of your stay in Havana.

EIGHT Discover paradise on earth as you bask in the sun and enjoy the crystal-clear waters of Cuba’s best beaches. Immerse yourself in the beauty of this Caribbean gem, where golden sands meet turquoise shores, and indulge in a blissful retreat like no other. Whether you seek relaxation or thrilling water sports, our handpicked selection of Cuba’s finest coastal havens promises an unforgettable experience. Unleash your wanderlust and embark on a beach lover’s dream come true in Cuba.


NINE Relax on a beach lounger while you sunbathe, and enjoy the wonderful views of the Caribbean Sea, and if the heat is too intense, do not hesitate to refresh yourself, drinking a delicious cocktail prepared in the purest Cuban style, you can choose from a wide variety:

  • Strawberry Daiquiri
  • Mary Pickford
  • The Ron Collins
  • Mojito

TEN If you want to know more about art and Cuban history, you can’t leave the island without visiting museums such as the Revolution, and the Fine Arts or admire the architectural art deco mosaic.


ELEVEN And if you are a nature lover, you have no excuses to pass up the opportunity to enjoy the great offer of  leisure activities,  your options are very wide you can go horseback riding for a sugar plantation, trekking through the mountainous interior of the island or if you like more the aquatic world dive into the crystalline waters of the Caribbean and contemplate all the marine life and autochthonous of the place.

TWELVE And of course do not forget to photograph every detail and corner of Havana so get ready to live and experience the most authentic Cuba, and the best way to do it is to rent a villa in Cuba where you will have a multitude of possibilities of choice through LujoCuba.

And of course do not forget to photograph every detail and corner of Havana so get ready to live and experience the most authentic Cuba, and the best way to do activities in cuba where you will have a multitude of possibilities of choice through Lujo Cuba.

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