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Where to Dance in Havana?

We commented earlier that talking about Cuba was to talk about music and cuban dance, since music is the engine that moves the country. This joyful and tropical country follows the rhythm set by its boleros and popular songs, and after traveling to Cuba you will get that rhythm too.

cuban dance casa de la musica

If you can’t return from Italy without tasting its pizza, you can’t return from France without seeing the Eiffel Tower, in the same way you can’t return from Cuba without dancing and immersing yourself in its folklore.

It doesn’t make sense. In today’s article we want to recommend you 4 typical places where you can dance salsa in the beautiful city of Havana.

Jardines 1830

This beautiful café-restaurant, located to the west of Havana’s Malecón, leaves us, in addition to unforgettable tunes, with spectacular views of the sea.

YouTube video

This historical mansion now converted into a restaurant, has 3 ballrooms, plus a garden where you can enjoy good live music. You can try the famous Cuban cocktails, which do not leave anyone indifferent, while you dance. Although it can be a bit expensive, it is a must for salsa lovers.

Café Cantante

This peculiar basement has become a ballroom in Cuba very loved and recognized by the inhabitants of Havana.

Placed near the famous Plaza of the Revolution, it has nightly shows every day. In addition, they are also habitual his spectacles, called matinés, which take place during the day.

The big size of its dance hall, as well as the quality of the live music, make this place a key place in the Cuban night. If you are a salsa or bachata lover, Café Cantante is a must see.

YouTube video

The mythical Cuban band gives its name to this place. This old place allows you, besides tasting an authentic piña colada, to enjoy the essence of Cuban music.

Put on comfortable shoes, or if you have any, dance shoes because I assure you that you won’t be able to stay still.

baile buena vista social club havana cuba

Now that you know where to enjoy music and good dancing, all you have left is to travel to Cuba and live the experience in first person.

If you are of those that prefer to practice first a little, LujoCuba offers his salsa lessons dance service with the different types from Cuban dance.

We can also take you to the best clubs in Havana with teachers, meet and practice all together. It will be a unique experience

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