Discover the charming coastal city of Gibara, in Cuba, with its rich history, colonial architecture, and stunning beaches

Exploring Gibara Cuba

Gibara in Cuba is a small city located on the north coast of the east of the Republic of Cuba. The Villa Blanca, as it is also known, is the head of the municipality of the same name, belonging to the Province of Holguín.


On January 16, 1817, by means of a solemn ceremony, the first stone of the Fort of San Fernando was placed on the tip of Yarey next to the Bay of Gibara Cuba, now known as the Battery of Fernando VII, which gave origin to the town, protected by the security that this defensive work began to inspire in its inhabitants. That date has always been considered as the founding date of the town, which later evolved to become a town and currently head city of the municipality.

Main Sights

  • Playa Caletones
  • Caverna de Panaderos
  • El Cañonazo
  • Playa Blanca
  • Parque Calixto García
  • Iglesia de San Fulgencio
  • Spanish Fort
  • Museo de Historia Natural

Playa Caletones

A lovely little beach 17km northwest of Gibara Cuba, this stretch of white sand and azure sea is a favorite of Holguín vacationers. The town is ramshackle, with no services except a rustic restaurant.

Guided cenote diving, 5km further along, purportedly visits some of Cuba’s best cave diving sites. You’ll need your own equipment. With crystalline waters, the cave system goes back some 3000m, with water depth about 15m.

On the beachfront road, Restaurante La Proa serves up some of Cuba’s most delectable fresh seafood on an upstairs terrace overlooking the water.

Parque Calixto Garcia

A central plaza lined with weird robles africanos, African oaks with large pods. The Statue of Liberty in front commemorates the Spanish–Cuban–American War.

Museo de Historia Natural

Housed in a worn colonial palace (more interesting than the stuffed stuff it collects) is the Museo de Historia Natural. Through barred windows you can watch women rolling cheroots in the cigar factory across the square.