Discover the natural paradise of Soroa, where stunning waterfalls, lush vegetation, and unparalleled tranquility await you

Exploring Soroa Cuba

Soroa, a natural place of great beauty and variety, considered a Biosphere Reserve in western Cuba.

Visitors from all over the world come to this wonderful place to admire and enjoy the beautiful work that nature created in this abrupt place, surrounded by mountains and rivers.


Soroa gets its name from two Spanish brothers, Lorenzo and Antonio Soroa Muñagorri, who arrived in those places in 1856 with the illusion of making a fortune.

They bought the La Merced coffee plantation there, later they bought the Neptuno, San Luis and San Ramón de Aguas Claras coffee plantations, a fact that motivated the area to be named with the surname of the owners over the years, but it was not made famous thanks to the Soroa brothers, but rather to the abrupt nature that brought other people there.

Main Sights in Soroa Cuba

  • El Salto

Reaching 22 meters high, this waterfall caused by the Manantiales River is one of the wonders of Cuban geography. Famous since the 17th century for its beauty, it is also known as the Rainbow of Cuba.

It is one of the busiest places because from the top you can see a portentous view.

  • El Castillo de las Nubes

El Castillo de las Nubes was built in the 1940s thanks to a whim of Pedro Rodriguez, its original owner, and resembles a medieval mansion, located at the top of the hill El Fuerte.

Along with the Orquideario de Soroa in Cuba, became the main attraction of the new tourist area created for the enjoyment of the people.

Today it is a hotel that offers visitors beautiful views in a luxurious and quiet retreat.

From there, you can visit the famous orchid paradise of Soroa and the popular waterfall Los Manantiales. The castle belongs to the Candelaria municipality in the province of Artemisa, Cuba.

  • El Mirador

El Mirador is an elevation, 250 meters above sea level, is a excellent balcony from which you get one of the best views of the Sierra del Rosario.

  • El Jardín Botánico Orquideario Soroa Cuba

El Jardín Botánico Orquideario de Soroa  is currently a productive scientific center belonging to the University of Pinar del Río and is dedicated to the preservation and enjoyment of the environment, as well as the conservation of Cuban orchids.