Miramar Havana


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It is one of the most important cities in Havana, and therefore one of the reference residential sites that exist today, since the upper class of Cuban society has been present here since the mid-1950s.

They moved to their majestic mansions with pools and large gardens and all kinds of amenities, which gave way to the existence of many places of concentration of all the powerful class  as the club of yachts social, and several elite stores.

Also many spas were built and also beach clubs  private, where elegance and economic power were not hidden at all, but with the arrival of the revolution all of them abandoned their properties and went to the United States.


Miramar por dentro

It has the so-called fifth avenue which is considered the most important in the city, where the most important establishments are located so it is very trafficked is a place of concentration of tourists.

Sitios de interés turísticos

Here you can find the most luxurious hotels on the island, which is why its tourist attraction is growing every day, in addition to the fact that it is very common to hold conventions where guests arrive from all over the world, which shows the importance of the area.


There are also many salsa clubs where having a good time is a constant since music and good atmosphere is the main ingredient, so you can also find several yacht clubs and many large mansions that are rented by their owners.

There are other places considered of tourist interest like the museum of the ministry of the interior, also there are several parks surrounded by nature and traffic circles in the middle of the trees where you can spend a pleasant time in the middle of so many trees.

Also, you have the presence of several restaurants and the famous church called the church of Jesus de Miramar, so as you have seen here what is left over is where to spend time either at sea or simply in the nightlife of the place or spend time on educational and informative visits such as the museum or just go to relax a little to any of the parks that exist in the city.

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