Cuban desserts, the sweetest flavour of the Caribbean

Mar 22, 2017

Cuban Desserts

Cuban cuisine is rich and varied, and inside this variety, we should highlight Cuban desserts, which are an important part of both Cuban and Caribbean cuisine.

In Cuba there is a great confectionery tradition due to the sweet tropical fruits of the island and cane sugar production, so if you decide to rent an apartment in Cuba thanks to LujoCuba, don’t deprive yourself of the chance of tasting the great variety of delicious desserts that we are going to show you in this post.

cuban desserts

Cuban desserts: Tocinillo de cielo

This dessert is very famous in Spain too, where it has a tradition of more than 500 years, but the Cuban recipe is simpler. Basically, it is composed by yolk and caramel. “Tocinillo de cielo” is the dessert by which you will lose your sanity.

cuban desserts

Cuban desserts: Boniatillo

It’s a kind of smashed sweet potato, seasoned with sugar and cinnamon. It is usually thick and looks like marmalade. You can spread with “boniatillo”  toasted bread.

Cascos de guayaba con queso crema

Undoubtedly classic cuban dessert, especially when they are soft, and the selected guavas are very ripe. These are the characteristics of well prepared “cascos de guayaba”, which are accompanied with cream cheese.

Buñuelos de yuca

This cuban desserts is composed mainly by cassava mass, but they also include a sweet potato mass in order to add more sweetness. When the mass is mixed and compacted, it is then fried and coated with syrup. It is typical for Christmas.

Flan de calabaza

Made of pumpkin, this flan is cooked with two different types of milk: condensed milk and evaporated milk. It is a delight that you can’t miss at your stay in Cuba.

cuban desserts

Cuban desserts: Majarete

It is one of the most difficult and elaborated Cuban desserts, which needs several hours to be cooked. The “Majarete” is a purée made of milk, sugar, corn, maize and anise. When it is finished it is coated with cinnamon.

We know these desserts are finger licking good, so we hope that you taste all of them when you decide to rent an apartment in Cuba. From LujoCuba we will help you to find the best apartment or villa for your stay.

cuban desserts

Arroz con leche

Rice pudding is, in fact, a typical dessert in the gastronomy of many countries. It is made by slowly cooking rice pudding with sugar. It is served cold or hot. It is usually sprinkled with cinnamon, vanilla or lemon peel to flavour it.

Rice pudding is one of the favorite desserts of Cubans. Despite its popularity throughout Latin America, and various preparations, the Cuban version with a touch of lemon and condensed milk is a perfect example of how a dessert can make you fall in love.

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