Buying Properties in Cuba

How to buy a properties in Cuba? Complete Guide

buying properties in cuba

It’s simple to become excited from the sweaty heat in Havana, particularly when it regards the ever-loosening of constraints to the housing market in Cuba.  But don’t get carried away, unless you are getting excited with your new Cuban wife or husband that just may be your ticket to what seems to be the most recent home paradise, that will help you for buying properties in Cuba.

Cuba has just announced it will overhaul its constitution and also will provide security for property rights, although the precise details are still not clear.  There’ll be a referendum later this season, in which the new constitution will almost definitely be rubber-stamped from the Cuban people.  Cuban government’s policies might be beneficial for buying real estate in Cuba.

Fly to Havana and locate a regional real estate agent, who’ll line you up with a Cuban who’s prepared to sell their own home or apartment to get cash.  Again, this is the Wild West, and your property rights because a foreigner isn’t guaranteed, for this, you can buy a house in Cuba for yourself.

Can the Cuban you purchase the home from then return sooner or later and asserts the house?  Can the Cuban authorities come and sue you and expropriate your property?

Ignore those dangers, dive in with this local real estate agent and after remodeling your property, reverse it at a high price to another foreigner.   Then find a way to get your money out of Cuba.

Cuba’s market can be worthy of notice.  Its annual GDP is roughly $80 billion, which has been growing at a rate of 4.7percent in the first half of 2015.  A substantial quantity of its GDP, 73%, is derived from the professional services sector, and 23% from businesses like building.  Its GDP per capita of $10,200 puts it greater than developing countries like the Philippines, Vietnam, and India.  Its inflation is under control at under 5%, and its general debt to GDP was just 35 percent of GDP.  Cuba’s labor force of five million is mainly employed by the authorities, so its unemployment rate remains low at 3%.

Marry a Cuban

This way your Cuban partner can buy a property lawfully with the money you bring into the country.  There is a catch, however.  The property will be in their name, maybe not in yours.  That usually means that marriages of convenience would be most likely not the perfect method to try and pick up something on the island.  

Naturally, if a union may last long enough for the legislation to change in Cuba and for one to after-the-fact gain title to the house or into your share of the house, then it can just be worthwhile. 

Marryingacuban is an online website that helps the foreigner to marry a local in Cuba, as this will help you to achieve your target of buying real estate in Cuba.

Foreign-owned property

Finally, there are many buildings — such as certain collections of flat buildings in Havana, or even expensive resorts — which are approved for foreign buyers.  These are usually expensive given the state they’re in, but it might just be the safest if barely the most affordable, way to invest in Cuba.  

And this is an area that should grow as more properties are categorized by the Cuban government as being on offer to foreigners.  Do not expect you as a foreigner, also as you married to a Cuban, to have complete property rights in Cuba for several years.  But it may be that beneath their new President, Cuba will slowly start up the property market one step at a time.

Purchasing a house in the titles of Cuban partners, relatives, or friends:

By legislation, the current market is available only to Cubans on the island or people residing temporarily overseas. Foreigners, such as Cubans residing in any other nation, are purchasing properties from the titles of Cuban partners, family, or friends. 

This helps the foreigner to buy land in Cuba that would help the business to grow. Cuban partners and relatives are regarded as a valuable asset for anyone to make their mark in the real estate industry of Cuba.

Key Facts you should know befores buying properties in Cuba

  • In Cuba, you don’t pay real estate taxes. In North America, there are financing institutions that help buyers to fund their new house whereas in Cuba you can just pay with money from a Cuban bank account. 
  • In North America, people may have as many houses as they want.  Back in Cuba (according to the law effective as of Nov. 2011) Cubans are limited to owning a single home in town and another in the countryside, this is an effort from the Cuban government to prevent speculative purchasing and the accumulation of large property holdings from one proprietor.  
  • Back in Canada, (in compliance with the Canadian legislation) non-residents have precisely the same rights as residents and citizens of Canada in terms of purchasing, possessing, or selling property in Canada.  In Cuba, just Cuban citizens and permanent residents are permitted to sell and purchase the property.  
  • You will find several home sellers that are looking to sell at extreme prices, mainly because their property is the only asset they own and trigger the proprietor’s opinions of their properties to be influenced by sentimental worth.  Many families believe their homes are worth a wonderful deal more than the typical and they presume this must be reflected in the sales price. Unfortunately, it does not work this way.  From the Cuban market, the possibility of an overpriced home doesn’t only indicate that the asking price won’t be fulfilled but there’s also a danger of turning off potential buyers since an exorbitant price could stigmatize the house. 
  • Here is your final procedure.  Before the decision of the sale, the purchaser must go to some Cuban bank to deposit the decided amount to cover (CUP, or “pesos Cubanos”) to obtain the home.  (This value shouldn’t be less than the legal value of the property). Only this way any foreigner can buy property in Cuba.


To conclude, I can say that Cuba is recognized as a country with a bright future, and with Biden as the new President, it will ease the relations between both countries which will allow Cuba to fly again. The tourism industry is regarded as the best revenue-generating industry along with agriculture. Foreigners upon fulfilling certain requirements can buy properties in Cuba with ease and enter into the field of entrepreneurship.

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    Buying Properties in Cuba

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